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gmann415 (anonymous) says...

how can u hold this innocent man accountable for what happens? he cant babysit the people outside of his store. this guy hasnt broke any rules he works hard to support his family. the ones who should be responsible is the people in the area. they see crime but they dont want to talk. its much easier for them to get revenge.if you were to close the store not only do you take a persons lively hood away but you also take away city state and federal tax money. and on top of that you create a empty field where the grass will grow high and it would be used as a place for illegal dumping and for dead bodies. if they got to close this store then maby they should close up 75%of the houses and burn them down. cuz atleast 75%of the houses have some kind of drug or gang activity in them. there thought i,d give you something to ponder on.

April 18, 2009 at 5:07 a.m. reply suggest removal