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Trumbull voters to face transit levy

How about we consider consolidating all transit needs of all the agencies and offices into one service with several facets to address the several different types of transit need? Something like say: WRTA. I think it is high time that Trumbull County got on board and partnered with Mahoning County on this. Forget about the politics and remember what is in it for the people who voted you in. LEVY? REALLY? How about sales tax? Spread the cost evenly and fairly. My property taxes have gone up almost every year I have owned my home. Call me a liar, but my escrow has been bumped on nearly the same schedule and my homeowners insurance has NOT gone up. What of those who don't own homes? They get a free ride right? I would glady pay an extra 25 dollars on every 1000 dollars spent in the community at a local jeweler, restaurant, electronics dealer, auto dealer etc. What is the difference? Everyone pays, not just the homeowner. Even passers through, visitors, and renters would be in on the game. Then we may be able to have a REAL transit system in Trumbull County that does not take a profit off the back of the homeowner, offers REAL value to ALL residents, and ALL employees. For the millage they are asking for, and the rates they charge, we should have fixed routes, specialized transit, and county-wide transit. Don't take away what we have, make it better, and for the love of God, MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!

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Learning something from Charlie

OK, so I should lose incentives for zero to minimal absenteeism (sick time to recouperate from a heart attack, eg.) because someone else in another state wants jiffy pop erections? I don't think so. Again, it it up to management to stick to their guns on the stupid stuff, and concede on the that which has little to no argument.

What is being proposed is both a legal and ethical setback that will allow public agencies to dismiss good employees without just cause, and there would be little to no recourse for that person. We need to let doctors be doctors and plumbers be plumbers. If they opt for representation and do well through negotiations, then that is their business

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Learning something from Charlie

Jessie David:

others have said the same of social security, and it is laden with abuses, most of which have been allowed by republican regimes to benefit cronies in parallel industries. OPERS, SERS, and the like, when suffering, have merely lacked foresight. We have taken many losses for the possiblity of future gains, and it has worked. Public employees often freeze wages for the sake of stability. We often concede benefits, and trade money for time. I really don't know what more we can do and be expected to survive. We cannot give back rates. We cannot give away sick time. Use it or lose it? I may be convinced. The way it stands, SB. Wields a much too violent and unchecked sword.

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Learning something from Charlie

Jessie David:

IF I ever get to retire, my pension MIGHT cover. I have already seen previous healthcare vesting go away. I don't want to see my rate, pension, and 401K do likewise. If the current pension obligation is being deemed unsustainable, then we need to take a top-down look at the budget, and see where the money leads. I pay the lions share of my pension, give back the same percentages as the private sector in taxes, AND I contribute modestly to a mutual fund that I pray will serve me well when I reach age. I do a job that most would not do for the money I make because of the combined volatities of the economy and dwindling revenues. Now, our governor wants to take back the rates, effectively, by dictating who gets payed how much, all the while, COLA becomes even more out-paced by poor top level management. Governor Kasich is not making an effort to manage here - he is setting up a larger burn on the residents of the state of Ohio. I am well aware of the other state that have merit system. I chose not to go to those places because their cost of living are WAY higher due to lower wages, salaries, and higher housing costs. I'm sorry, but the price of steak and veggies just does not compensate for that, the roads are just as bad and services STILL experience cutbacks.

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Learning something from Charlie

Taking a second read at Lucy's post, I don't see a threat at all. Rather, I think she is trying to illuminate the idea that after the new order is effected, the next item on the agenda will be service cuts. SB5 is a sham that sets the stage for more cronyism, less ethics, and will ultimately jeopardize public pensions, which, by the way, are not all like those characterized by Governor Kasuck. Neither are the wages of all public employees, union or otherwise.

Secondly, as astutely pointed out by Governor Kasuck, unions are only a small percentage of the total available workforce. How, then, could they POSSIBLY be so responsible for the larger problem of budgetary woes? I think what we really need are top administrator. Who actually know how to budget for requirements rather than spend frivolously.

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Food from the Soul

I have eaten at the Youngstown Soul Food. I had Chili, Mac 'n Cheese, a smattering of the Custard Pie, a bite of greens, and the bean soup. I would only characterize this experience as; to quote Guy Fieri; out of bounds! In white guy speak, that means that it was very tasty. Most importantly, my farts did NOT smell like a sewer for three days. I have eaten at many family restaurants in my life, and this one, exceptional it is, should be an example of the rule.

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