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MetroParks board hires golf pro Dennis Miller as new director

You can't make this stuff up, the guy was unable to attend his coronation because he was golfing in Toledo.

I wonder who he is connected to? Connections are far more important than qualifications.

Why the citizens are stupid enough to pass any levy for these clowns is mind boggling.

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Chicago teachers continue strike; mayor plans legal action to end it

Saveourcountry is sensationalizing things that are not happening and not part of the ratings system for teachers.

Kids who show up 20 days and fail tests are not part of the equation for teacher firings.

Here are the facts.

Our education system is in shambles.

It must be changed.

Teachers are fighting things that are commonplace throughout the world.

Everyone must be held accountable for their quality of work.

Teacher ratings are a must.

The future of America depends on it.

The future will belong to the country that best educates its children.

America is failing miserably.

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UPDATED | Johnson leaving MetroParks; Vindy request for information denied

The fact that they are stonewalling the release of employment records indicates that there are complaints. If there weren't, they simply release them. They are a public entity and public release is mandatory. The Vindy will no doubt sue for release.

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There’s another side to the story about OHSAA athletic eligibility

Mooney and Ursuline up to their usual tricks. Slick circumvention of OHSAA rules which are in place so that the parochial schools can maintain enrollment via athletics.

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2 cops face scrutiny in city probes

Someone needs to tell Youngstown Born and Raised the cop ADMITTED it was in retaliation.

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Congress looks at sales taxes for online purchases

Eventually, government will tax everyone at 100% and then distribute the money how they see fit.

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Austintown racino expected to draw 1M guests per year

Notice how they are relocating to areas with high poverty levels, Youngstown and Dayton. That's not by accident. The lesser educated tend to see gambling as their only way to riches and aren't smart enough to see that gambling only makes them poorer.

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Mayor seeks ‘accountability’ with time clocks for workers

I have to say Sammarone has been a pleasant surprise. Another great move to make government more accountable.

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2 robbed on MIdlothian Boulevard

Yeah, Stan isn't the most politically correct poster, but he tells the truth more often than not. YoungstownBornRaised needs to open his eyes and see what Stan sees. It is quite enlightening.

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Ex-Canfield DQ owner returns to court

Legaleagle, justice in the mahoning valley is bought and sold like TV's at Best Buy.

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