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Austintown police dog dies of cancer

WOWWY! Must have been a slow news day? I was reading this article as a follow up to the first time they printed it. All I wanted to say was that the lady who thinks German Shepherds live to be 15 years old was crazy. Then I read some of the other post and I can tell that she's not the only one. Some of you need to Butch-up. Now I know Youngstown has some gang problems but man alive I didn't know they had internet gangs!!! lol.
Anyway, you folks don't know much about working dogs. I was working on a bison ranch in Idaho a few years ago before I followed some college girl back here. That ain't the story. The story is we had a German Shepherd mix I raised and named O'boise. Not a bad herd dog. But he kept eating the kittens. Now it is holding some down and breaking their spines and crunching them up like they were snacks. This was the second time and the boss told me the first time if it happened again, I had to do something. Well, I took O'boise out the next day like we were hunting. Dropped a pig ear on the ground for him and turned his lights out with my .22 Hornet. Now I raised that dog and he was a good worker. But he damn sure wasn't a pet. I don't like cats much, but if you'd have seen that dog tearing into those kittens and heard those sounds, you'd have left him for the coyotes too. A dog is a dog is a dog. The Creator isn't allowing beast in heaven. Anyone saying otherwise has gone mad.

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Conan, Austintown police dog, dies

Well, at least he was a good dog.

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Fate of dog that was shot still undecided

You people who have lived up north your whole lives don't seem to know a whole lot about dogs. I was at a party in Kentucky and these newly wed friends of mine were having a house warming. Nice people. Nice home. Well, I go to walk outside and the little Chihuahua, Prince goes to squeeze by. I knew that my friend owned a Rottweiler named Kong. Big old dog. He used it for keeping the pigs herded. So I grab up the little one and his wife takes it off me and says they play together all the time. It wasn't my place to tell the lady of the house what's what. But no sooner did I sit down and crack a beer, that rott snapped up that little dog and shook it to death smacking its head on the patio with the sickest sound of broken skull on concrete I ever heard. Blood flew all over the place. Well, my buddies dad heard the commotion and came up from the old house. He asked what happened. Took a look at Prince. Pulled out a .22 pistol and dropped Kong right there in front of everyone and said "Party's over folks" and walked back to the house. I finished my beer and left. They were divorced in 3 months.

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