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No cause for alarm over radioactive drilling waste

You reached this conclusion - that drilling waste is harmless- from one sample? Chesapeake Energy alone is is projecting 12,000 wells across Ohio, not to mention what we are getting from New York and Pennsylvania. We are not talking about waste from one well here. We are talking about the cumulative and long term effect of drilling tens of thousands of wells from all over the Eastern USA. There is NO routine monitoring of waste content by the ODNR and there are NO mandated manifests of which wells produced the waste. You can't even say with certainty in your article where the waste came from - "the material 'likely' was cuttings from drilling an injection well." Creating straw men called "fractivists" is great way to try to divide the community. The industry and their shills excel at this type of propaganda. Until we have regulations that monitor every truck load of waste and a regulatory agency prepared to enforce them Ohioans have every right to be concerned. That's why according to a recent Quinnipac Poll 7 out of 10 support a moratorium. That is not being a "frackivist", it's just common sense.The gas industry needs to be held accountable. You only have to be wrong once to lose an aquifer. We are already seeing wells polluted in Medina County and Northern Ohio.

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