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ValleyCare Northside to cut dozens more jobs, combine units

Personally, I am sick and tired of hearing employers say they care about all of their employees and next thing you know they are getting rid of the people they say they care about. Really? Does everyone think people are stupid? No one seems to care about anyone anymore. Such a "me - narcisstic" world we live in.

Get rid of some of the top people who make the irrational decisions and paid the high dollar. Ninety-nine percent of these people haven't a clue what goes on down in the trenches, nor do they care. Just make sure you treat those paitents well so we can collect what really matters and give us our paycheck.

Let's make sure we get as much of the market share of patients as we can. We really care about the patients. 'NOT'.

What this country, as a whole, cares about is their own personal needs and pocketbooks.

Now hospitals care about the treatment of patients because their reimbursement is based on just that. If reimbursement were not based on how patients were treated, we would be going back the other way in the treatment of patients. What is wrong with people these days and their thinking?

I am not alone in my thoughts, believe it or not.

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