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PUSKAS: Cold offense, hot Pelini combine to hurt YSU

When all the simpering and sarcasm is finished, the team is still not advancing into the most interesting part of the season--the playoffs.

The poster who mentioned the financial aspect only rubbed up against the surface of real challenges at Ysu.

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South Dakota State crushes YSU, 38-8

Hey George Genie-
Since I didn't go to Mooney, I don't really care if the coach is 'local,' as you put it , or not.

The guy at PITT will, no doubt, take PITT to some ultra-meaningless bowl game where they will get demolished by some opponent of similar stature.

In the meantime, lets give the current coach at least ONE SEASON to get his bearings.

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Mahoning County Dem Party endorses No vote on fracking amendment

The Mahoning county democratic party has some credibility issues, one might guess, based on other News in today's issue of this paper........................................

Anyways, the myths that (somehow) the oil and gas folks would somehow 1) create jobs and 2) NOt spoil the environment in the process are convenient ones that the likes of dem party officials like to ignore.

At this particular moment the mah co dems have a credibility factor of 0, and negative numbers on environmental issues.

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Chaney students dance in D.C.

How great for these kids! Another reminder that there should be greater emphasis on ALL of the arts in ALL of our schools!

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Judge orders defiant Kentucky clerk to jail

What she will find out, eventually about jail is that

1-the food isn't as bad as they say and
2-the roommates seem to have all sorts of problems

Other than that, and the temporary restraint on going anywhere, it isn't such a bad deal.

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Man beat wife because she wouldn't get him beer


The prison population as the moral compass of the community and ultimate authority for the dispensing of justice

Start over, BD, and try again.

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Girard police investigating dog's death

This person should be banned from having any more pets. A dog is a member of the family. It should not be left "chained to the back porch" when you go to work. The poor animal is probably better off dead than living with this irresponsible imbecile.

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Parents want to opt-out of PARCC testing

If enough parents opt their children out of these tests, the tests will recede.

Hint: Anytime one reads a quote from an educational expert (?), one can assume that that expert never attended public schools or probably even a public university, and definitely NEVER was a classroom teacher. Tom Ridge, former governor of PA., was a CLASSIC example of a (republican0 politician who steadfastly supported all sorts of 'reforms,' basically aimed at diminishing the political power of Teachers' unions; Mr Ridge had never attended public ed facilities nor taught anything.

Another ALL STAR on this team is former PA (republican) senator Rick Santorum, who was using PA educations funds to home school his kids in Virginia. Of course, Santorum's genius, as previously noted here and elsewhere, extends FAR BEYOND the simple management of public schools to all social ad political subjects; presumptive nominee for (republican0 presidential ticket.

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Ex-Speaker Hastert faces indictment in hush-money case

Wildly amusing story about the former speaker who TWICE required house members to vote on the sanctity of marriage act (failed)

It's just pitiful that republicans want the 'moral' high ground and keep having to bail themselves out of situations such as this----------------------------------------------------------------------nest c-est pas?

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States say ‘no’ to cities that are seeking to regulate businesses

Missouri- a place for business owners who don't want to be bothered with...PEOPLE! However, if you really don't need money and you're the especially hardy type that will never get sick or need a vacation and thinks retirement is overrated, then this is the place for you!

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