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KC mother: I was drunk on night baby vanished

Ok, when one blacks out from booze or pills, by definition they cannot recall WHAT one did / did not do during the black out.
"could you have .... needs to be answered "maybe , I cannot say for sure" -- Just like a drunk who wakes up and has to be told what a **s he he/ she had made of themselve the night before, when he / she "blacked out" wearig a lampshade or holding up a C store.

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4 arrest warrants issued for Youngstown man

lefty I agree -- these wanna be gangster's (parents??) give them some really European sounding names sometimes. That said, I doubt the biological father(s) even know they have a "kid" named Alfonso.
Check Bill Cosby book and TV interviews on this very subject. Also, it is apparent that "the state's witness" will hardly be taken seriously at trial, and why "several" home monitoring violations? ONE should have sent him back "in" - courts and prosecutors are a joke, and evidently this guy assumed since he was a state witness he was free to violate since he has a "deal" .. pathetic.
It takes ONE of these (repeated DAILY) stories in "The Valley" to offset TEN good stories, good luck attracting companies chamber, better get a good PR consultant

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Oprah finally delivers on 2 cars given to Valley pair

valleynative- Evidently you pop off without accurate facts. Too bad, Mr Toles is a class act , is about giving his time -- a LOT - to help kids, and money is not his goal. His humility and humanity trumps your stupidity. Google Mr. Toles - he is all about giving , sharing, and inspiring.

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Youngstown PD's internal affairs probes incident

This brings a new level of youth being "bored" to light.. Y-town is best suited for a reality show. When I talk to family and friends, all over the world, the topic always swings to "what's new in Y-town" - sarcastically.

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Threats alleged in Adkins murder

This is getting to be so common place in the MV. , No wonder kids leave after graduation , companies getting offered HUGE "incentives" and still go elsewhere. Ask yourself "would YOU want a fresh start in Youngstown, Ohio, or XXX"? Sorry, but XXX wins out most of the time. Ask your local .GOV for a list of potential relocations over the last 10 years VS who actually came here.

These gangs should ALL be treated under Federal RICO statutes as obvious criminal enterprises;There needs to be more creativity in re assessing the problem, and stopping it in more novel ways; the existing "patches" of a few successes do not scale in both social and economic terms.

This does sound a bit radical, but the law as it applies now (local / state) just do not put much teeth into a conviction , as the low level " soldiers" just get replaced by new wanna be's who are REQUIRED to commit a felony as a loyalty test! C'mon, open your eye's

The big guns (bosses) have CASH and or assets. Even the LCN had ethics back in the day-- just remember how Capone was put behind bars by , basically, by an accountant when LE could never get a conviction.

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Addiction led to death’s door, ex-clerk says

Let's give this man a break, lease. ONLY time will tell, as words are just repeating what you hear in treatment.
Do an interveiw in 2 years, and see where he is at in life. IF he is serious, he will be a good candidate for long term recovery. Only time and actions will tell, not a article , 3 months sober

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2 report being robbed of Xanax

THE only reason for 90 Xanax , beyond serious anxiety issues, is re sale. Did both of these "kids" have the same doctor or free mental health agency?

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Disfigured-doll display draws defenders, detractors

It's REFRESHING having a front page story in this area that doesn't "lead" with another murder, indictment of a public official, closing business's, etc. Who cares about another immigrant mother from West Virginia trying to impress her teen peer group?

I travel a lot for work around the country, and even in NYC or Dallas, the front pages AND TV news has a better "mix" of headlines and do not ALWAYS "scare" you to watch / read the scandal or murder of the day. We have been programmed around this valley to expect the next story to beat the last in terms of shock value.
You folks need to expect better news coverage -- BTW , most of you VOTE via what you see on TV , if you vote at all. That , IMHO, is more scary than fake dead anything....

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‘Mistaken identity’

MISTAKEN ID? Are you kidding me? How high do these "brothers" get, or just how stupid , to shoot a car because of it's color? That is color bias. Too bad the poor guy's caddy wasn't white or he would still be alive.
These Detroit decendant's -- current drug and gang criminals -- are like Al Quida. Take one out, two come in. They have NO FEAR, no brains, and no future. Let's get the Italians and Irish , who turned back the KKK -- THE gang of the day -- in Niles in 1920 to take back this valley. Cops have to play by rules, federal or otherwiae, and justice and prevention are too late now. Drastic , surgical measure need to be taken by the citizens. These "brothers" MUST FEAR,something, and they don't! The "education", sorry to say, is off the table, too late, and will never work. I bet (*and would donate) that if law enforcement let the "boys" take care of this, within a year, these pukes would be gone or going -- a small price to pay.

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Amateur boxing show on Wednesday at McMenamy’s

What a GREAT facility. Have not missed one yet! This place (McMenamy's) is a gem in the valley, IMHO.

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