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What’s good for one is good for all


Take your head out of the sand any american would love to have the health care plan that congress has and is payed for by the Taxpayers of this country.
Generous plans are available in private industry but nothing compares to the one they have.

At a cost of 15 billion a year to the taxpayer their plan covers a family for about $1000 a month of which the taxpayers pay $750. Their cost is about $250 per month for a family. Doctor visits are $20 Generic Drugs $10 with no limits. Many other things are included in their plan that is not in the average American's plan.
If this sounds like garbage to you then who is exposing their ignorance.

Never heard of USA1

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God-fearing patriots resent being labeled unAmerican

Yo, Lance my man, were you asleep during the Bush years. If I had a dime for every time a dem called Bush a liar I'd be in the bamster's target tax bracket.

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Poll: Ohioans like President Obama

"people in Ohio like obama more than his policies." That statement alone sums up the mentality of the kool-aid drinkers. Great post Slav.

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It shouldn’t cost extra for congressmen to vote

You must be a fool if you think you won't have to fill out forms or go through legalese when you visit a doctor under a gov't run system. Think it's bad now wait until you have to go through all the beauracratic red tape to get the bills paid.

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