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Tressel makes first comment after accepting YSU job

123goz, your post indicates that Acadia hired a candidate with "a long record as an academic administrator."

While my hope is that Tressel's coaching career gave him "an intimate understanding of what a university is, and what its employees do," and that he is ultimately a success at YSU, your post about Acadia's hire is nowhere near apples-to-apples.

Mr. Ivany, prior to the appointment at Acadia, ran a community college for seven years. One assumes Acadia saw that experience as a factor that strongly mitigated against Ivany's non-traditional pedigree.

As an alum, I wish Tressel and YSU the best, but people are entitled to temper their optimism with a little caution.

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Campus, Valley laud Tressel pick

123goz, not to split hairs...OK, to split hairs, Randy Dunn is an Ed.D., not a Ph.D. More to the point, though, while a presidential candidate's lack of a terminal degree raises eyebrows and concern, it's the utter lack of experience that has raised ire and condemnation.

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Campus, Valley laud Tressel pick

Seriouslee, your assessment of the Board's PR strategy(or lack thereof) is dead-on. If the Board owned up to the fact that Tressel is a very unusual candidate, who has been hired primarily on name recognition and, with it, a presumed ability to schmooze, the outside world might not think the choice quite so preposterous. I wish Tressel and the University success. The fact is, though, that even were this a corporate setting, it's a very "outside of the box" hire. The Board does itself no favors when it pretends that Tressel was hired on the merits.

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Campus, Valley laud Tressel pick

It would be nice if the Vindy asked more than one faculty member for an opinion regarding Tressel's appointment. The comments to a Chronicle of Higher Education blog post, linked below, are probably more representative of what the "industry" thinks of the situation.

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