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Man stabbed over phone; woman’s foot run over by cousin

Same old. Same old. As Temptation's baritone vocalist Melvin Franklin sang is the 1970 hit Ball of Confusion "and the played on."

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Trump says only he can make America great again

I'm a lifelong Dem voting Republican this morning for Kasich. I urge all other Dems to do the same. I love the anti-Trump ad with David Letterman where Dave has Trump as a guest and is showing Trump's clothing line and revealing that all of his product is made in China and Bangladesh. Trump is a two faced master of deception who is preying on white uneducated voters.

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State auditor's rep rips Niles mayor over plan delay

First step to recovery is to kindly ask all the retire/rehires to voluntarily resign (and don't replace them). If they had any decency, they would. They are already receiving a nice pension. Those non-union retire/rehires who don't voluntarily resign should be laid off immediately. Their unemployment wouldn't cost much. Then, look for volunteers to work and get paid for a four day work week saving 20% in wages and related payroll costs (OPERS, Medicare and workers comp) Next, if the mayor doesn't want to eliminate the income tax dept. and dispatchers, massive and I mean massive layoffs have to occur saving health insurance dollars and wages (even though they will have to pay unemployment cost for 26-39 weeks). THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE. TOUGH DECISIONS (LAYING OFF EMPLOYEES) CAN'T BE DELAYED. Council should demand improved financial reporting as their lax attitude didn't help matters. Finally, once recovery has been completed, don't let history repeat itself.

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Show us the payrolls

I thought the keeper of financial records in county government is the County Auditor's Office. Why is Bertram requesting this info from the budget director. It would seem to me that you would request budget information from a budget director and expenditure information from the County Auditor. Maybe Bertram didn't do his homework again and is asking the wrong person for the info he wants. He probably walks into McDonalds and asks for a Whopper with cheese too.

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UPDATE | Officials, Barry Dyngles owner OK drawing, concert

Dozens??? I counted around 260 people in line at 11:30 AM today.

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No OVI arrests during two sobriety checkpoints over the weekend

I agree with ambulance above, I very rarely go out to restaurants and bars on weekends for fear that after two or three gasses of wine or bottles of beer, I get caught like an ant in a spider web in a DUI checkpoint.The WRTA should use some of money in the vault to create a weekend transportation system for people who want to eat, drink and be merry. Even if they charged a weekend evening premium rate that cost triple the normal rate, they would make money and drunk drivers wouldn't be on the road. They have a large cash balance from our local sales tax revenues and maybe the federal dollars for these check points can be given to WRTA to implement such a program. It could be a win/win situation if well thought out and executed.

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Mahoning County Auditor's Office adds 2 employees

Meacham is not keeping true to his pledge of fiscal responsibility. Why is he paying the newly hired payroll director 10% more than Thomas Lyden who had been doing the job for last 6 years. The new guy should have started at around $50,000. Meecham doesn't get it and the taxpayers get hosed again.

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Boardman and Lowellville to share schools treasurer

How can this guy be the full-time treasurer for both school districts unless he is working 16 hours/day which I doubt. Sounds more like 1/2 time treasurer for two districts. Not a bad part-time gig.

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Mahoning County payroll supervisor leaves for Cleveland Clinic post

Meecham's "you are guilty until proven innocent" approach to his employees is not sitting well. He has lost several key employees since he has taken office and his first mistake was the firing of Chief Deputy McFall. He should have given her a stern warning (even though what she did is what all government employees are trained by their legal counsel to do - give the requestor what they ask for and nothing more). I think Meecham has underestimated the complexities of running local government and doesn't have a plan for continuity of operations. As CFO of the Pittsburgh Steelers, he had much more money and much less bureaucracy to work with. So, Tom Lyden takes his talents (and he was a superstar) to Cleveland (at least he didn't take them to South Beach), other key employees gone and several others looking to bail out. Meecham doesn't get it. As a head coach, he is no Chuck Noll

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14 apply to replace McFall in Mahoning auditori's office

I'm not surprised by the few number of applicants. Meecham may have to "cast his net" farther and wider as all but one applicant is from Mahoning or Trumbull County. Where did he do his advertising? Most CPA's wouldn't want to work for this guy especially at the pay he is offering. My bet is if the CPA from the Board of Elections is a Republican, he is a shoe-in. Why haven't all of the haters of government workers who post to this page daily applied for the job? Their odds would look pretty good right now

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