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Molly Sergi, KSU history professor, specializes in WWI research

That's sad. A news writer who doesn't know basic facts about the two world wars that shaped our present day world.

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About 1,300 take part in YSU’s Move-In Weekend

It costs money to buy, drive, and especially insure a car for a teenager. Take that into account and the cost is not so bad. The experience has some value and the fact that the parent doesn't have to deal with or worry about another car.

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'Black Monday' now symbol of Valley's resilience

As I understand it, the mills made a profit until near the very end. A decision had been made prior to that time to NOT make significant upgrades that were required to modernize the faciities. Eventually and predictably the expense of the antiquated operations increased to the point they could no longer compete so they closed up shop and walked away.

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Youngstown is too small to be worth such an investment just for votes, and the democrats don't need to buy votes they already own. 3D is the future of manufacturing which will benefit the country, not just a welfare check for ytown.

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Pirates drop fourth straight

Hope not but it's already 19, this would make it 20 consecutive losing seasons

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Methane, spark believed causes of Struthers blast

Methane is odorless.

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Santorum victor in tonight's primaries

Why must the Republican party keep shooting themselves in the foot by putting forward these ignorant candidates who stand for nothing but getting themselves elected, or developing a cult of personality cottage industry around themselves? Beating Obama in this economy should be like shooting fish in a barrel! Why isn't it? I suspect it is becasue of the influence of even more ignorant voters who don't take the time to educate themselves, but instead base their opinions on the media talk shows and other such entertainment nonsense. The prosect of another election with no major
candidates worth supporting is discouraging. Time for a third party.

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Youngstown police crack down on sale of alcohol to minors

The legal drinking age has been age 21 everywhere in the US since the 80's.

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Hagan: Why not drug-test officials?

Who is going to admnisiter this plan and pay for all these tests? Another impractical politcally motivated idea put forth by a lying politician with no real plan to see it through. Hagan at least saw it for what it was and had a humorous response to this idiotic proposition.

If we want to get the deadbeat drug users off the dole then why not terminate the free money for those convicted of any drug offense? You get busted, no more free money for x number of years, and the clock restarts with any new conviction. Anyone know if there are any restrictions on receipt of welfare now? Can a felon get welfare?

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