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Valley jobless rate rises after RG Steel closing

One of the issues that we are having in this economic downturn is the ability to be able to keep jobs in the manufacturing sectors open and plentiful. The closing of RG steel is just one of those examples, however jobs like these will continue to face a serious threat of close if regulations are also not kept in check. Regulatory policies when it comes to jobs in the manufacturing sector such as that with steel have a large impact. Usually the cost of keeping certain standards can be quite a daunting task and can often lead to problems such as these. To combat unemployment, we need to look within our own innerworkings and figure out how to make our own rules and economic system work for us rather than always against.

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New program helps vets find jobs

These latest ideas and efforts to put vets back to work has really been a step up from programs in the past. There seems to be way more support for this group as more and more people come back from overseas. What does catch my attention of course is, what to do for this population over a long term? Historically this group has struggled in hard economic times before and w/ veteran youth unemployment hovering at 29% while the national average is at 8.2% it presents a challenge for us to get everyone back to work at once.

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