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Doors to close on Youngstown tradition

Just as the Powers family stepped up to save Powers Auditorium, the Youngstown Club needs someone or a group of wealthy folks to step up and save it.

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Obama can’t tell the truth

How ironic!!!! The republican regime is the party that creates lies to win their campaigns. They count on the electorate not investigating their assertions. They not only lie they double-down on their lies by repeating them at every turn.

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Anderson: YSU is adjusting to ‘the new normal’

Tuition is up, but book costs break the bank. I don't know why students and universities put up with ithese outrageous fees. For example, I paid $140 for a used text. That is highway robbery. In fact, I spent over 530 for books, and that doesn't include the book for my writing class.

Tuition charges ought to include online textbooks which would be made available when students register for classes. Universites would have to buy licences for these textbooks. The price of the text, because it is paperless, ought to be considerably lower and therefore more affordable for students.

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Ohio election officials back uniform voting hours

Reipublicans say that the photo id is an essential step in stopping voter fraud. Sounds good but we don't have a voter fraud problem. Therefore the Republicans are using voter id's to restrict minorities, seniors, and college kids from voting. It has nothing to do with fraud and everything to do with restricting who can and who cannot vote. Self-serving and self-absorbed as a party, the Repubs threaten the essence of our democracy--the right to vote.

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What about juvenile lifers?

I agree with the Supreme Courts decision which is mostly based on science. A person's frontal lobes do not connect fuilly until the age of 20-23; therefore their ability to understand cause and effect is severely limited. Based on our knowledge about the development of the brain, we could never hold a teen as responsible for his/her actions as we would an adult.

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Youngstown schools: Cost to update curriculum estimated at nearly $500,000

Textbooks are an enormous cost. Why not provide each student with a lap top where they can access the computer copy of the blook? The lap tops could be purchased through grants or through private donati

Rather than buying the assroom libraries, why not buy books and place them in the media center. This way all students will have access to books and the media center can keep track of circulation for accountability.t

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Stop harassment by police, group demands at Youngstown City Hall

The parents are correct in protesting the treatment of their sons by the police in Youngstown, But let's be clear. This is not just a Youngstown problem. Police from LA to NYC go after teenagers.

Why? Because teens are easy targets. False claims can be made against them and who will the authorities believe? Not the teen. Most importantly, arresting a teen is time consuming.

Years ago, after conducting research that showed that communities protected by the county police in Miami Dade arrest teens at alarming rates whereas teens from communities that hired their own police department have dramatically lower numbers of charges written against teens. After talking to a police investigator who explained that an arrest of a juvie is time consuming, I understood. Now I get it. Cops can spend safe time on the job by arrest ing teens, which is much safer than going after 30 year old, gun-carrying career criminals.

With this in mind, then, one can see that this is not a racial issue. It is a youth issue and it calls into question work ethics and codes that promise to protect and serve.

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City hall protestors decry treatment of young black males

Teens are treated badly by the police no matter location, LA, Miami, NYC, or Youngstown, and regardless of race. Age is the biggest factor.

Teens are easy targets. False claims can be made and who will the officials believe? So the police can do whatever they want to teens and get away with it.

I once did a study of the number of charges written against teens in an urban neighborhood in Miami compared to the number written against teens in my neighborhood, a community built around a golf course. I was shocked at how close the numbers were. I learned that communities that hired their own police rather than using the county police force, had amazingly low numbers. The police in those communities are hired to protect and serve not to arrest the sons of the homeowners of the community.

Having a conversation with a police officer in my neighborhood, I commented on the high number of teens that are charged even in good neighborhoods. She said that she too was surprised but for a different reason. She explained that when teens are arrested, there is so much paperwork and time-consuming procedures to follow that she hated it when she took in a teen.

Ah, hah! Now I get it! Police go after teens because it gives them safte time on the job. Think about it ! One juvie arrest could amount to a half day in a safe environment.

The problem is real, but it is not racial.
It's age related and it's a matter of survival. After all, teens are much less dangerous than a thirty year old gun carrying career criminal.

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Chico, a Dutch shepherd, trained to serve as a police dog by Tri-State Canine Services of Trumbull C

I can't believe what I just read. Do you mean that the officer turned the car off? since when? They always let the engine run; besides, how could they forget the dog? I hope there are consequences beyond the death of this poor animal.

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Valley VIPs come to Tressel’s defense

Student athletes can't have jobs and , if they don't have parents who can give them money, they have no financial assistance..

I heard a story on the radio this morning about an athlete whose mother had died and he had no money to get home which was a couple of hundred miles away. No one at the university could help him without breaking the rules. There is something wrong with a program that generates so much money but gives nothing to help out its athletes. The system has created this horrible situation.

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