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Autistic professor, author speaks tonight at Stambaugh

The presentation was terrific. A honor to have Grandin in our community. The event organizers were somewhat short-sighted however by not setting up a system for book signing. It was nearly a mob scene in the autograph area.

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Canfield schools to announce staff cuts

I don't have a dog in this fight, but an observation. It's always interesting to me that we talk about teachers taking cuts in terms of the altruism of the job: "they are there to teach, after all." But in what other profession are workers held to such high ethical standards and public scrutiny?

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Canfield schools to collect input, bypass August levy

Actually, Smurf, I'm a graduate of Canfield high school, and I have bachelor's and master's degrees, so affordability isn't the problem. Have you gone to a Canfield school lately and looked at what the parents are driving and the students are wearing? Sorry, I have no sympathy for people groaning about their expenses when they live in excess. What one can afford and how one chooses to live are completely different matters. The cost of living in a nearly all-white, all conservative community with sprawling suburban cul de sacs is a high one, but you all picked it, didn't you?

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Canfield schools to collect input, bypass August levy

The suburbanites don't want to pay any more property taxes on their McMansions. A 6.8 mil levy is mighty expensive when it's applied to 3,500-4,000 square foot home. That's what it comes down to.

Yes, make the teachers--historically some of the worst paid degreed positions-- take a cut so that the parents who are living in five bedroom/ five bath homes won't have to give up their SUVs or annual family vacations to Disney and St. Bart's. And God forbid little Emerson go without his/her Aeropostale, Hollister, or Justice clothes and limos for prom.

The teachers aren't the greedy ones in this scenario.

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Trump on receiving end at White House correspondents' dinner

Trump. You've got to be kidding me. And this isn't about party politics. It's about stupidity. I thought it couldn't get worse than Palin. I was mistaken. Name an intelligent, qualified, GOP candidate, please. Here's a tip. Avoid reality tv stars and wannabees.

Trump couldn't respond? He's been running his mouth plenty. Time for him to sack up and take it for a change.

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Youngstown families of injured children sue Liberty cops

What were the extent of the children's injuries? Were there medical expenses from copays and deductibles? Did parents have to miss work to care for the injured children?

Before we start calling people greedy for suing for 25K, let's remember how easy it is to get to that number with the medical expenses for one person, let alone three.

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Challenge for Youngstown: Do more with less workers

It should be "Do more with *fewer* workers." Editing 101.

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Poland schools face loss of up to $1.3M in state aid

Do whatever it takes to get Kasich out of office. Period. I hope those of you who voted for him are enjoying what you brought down upon yourselves and the rest of us.

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With baby locked in, mom can’t get police

It is interesting how a couple of these posters created accounts just to post on stories about Boardman Police.

FTR, I live in Boardman, and I keep voting yes on that levy, as I will the next time it comes up. I don't blame the police for not being able to help the mom, but I'm not going to beat up the mom either. People do stupid things every day.

And Doctore, would smashing her windows fall under the category of "serving" or "protecting?" Just wondering.

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With baby locked in, mom can’t get police

Some of you people just have all of the answers, don't you? It actually sounds to me like this mom handled the situation as best as she could. The police couldn't help. The tow service was too expensive. So she used a coat hanger.

And two points for you know-it-alls.
Doctore, the subject of a story isn't responsible for what headline is affixed to it. You're pointing at the wrong person there.

For the "spare key" crowd, my 8 y.o. car has a key that cannot be copied, as is the case for most cars. The days of getting a spare set cut at Starr Supply and using a hide-a-key are long gone, my friends.

Done being perfect now?

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