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AnnNelson (anonymous) says...

I stand firmly against this particular pet store, and I won't restate the same things that have been stated again and again in these postings about puppy mills. What I WILL comment on, however, (and I created an account here, just to call you out on this, Gary...) is that the Gary, who posted saying he's an owner just told an outright lie. I know this because I went into Harbor Pets over the summer, with the soul intent of asking if they were still supporting puppy mills. I was told they do not, and all of the breeders are local. I asked to see a Basset Hound puppy...took him into one of those little rooms where they allow you to play with them. While in the room, the young worker came over and tried to begin her convincing sales pitch to sell me a puppy for 2000.00- but, then she got called away, and accidentally left behind the paper work, which was in her hands about this particular dog. When she did, I grabbed it, and at the top corner was the breeders name and address. I quickly wrote it down with the intention of googling it, to see if they were being honest about the dogs home.... Sure enough, when I got home, it was an amish puppy mill far in Ohio, and not only that, one that had already been cited before, and warned about the horrible practices going on there. SO, gary, if what you say is true, then you are obviously touring and ok with these kinds of places???? Or else you're lying and know very well that you haven't visited these places, and are only swindling your customers, and allowing this inhumane treatment to go on? Which is it???

you KNOW very well your dogs are coming from amish puppy mills, and if you have toured them and don't see anything wrong, you have real issues. A simple google search of the address the puppy came from would have told you all you needed to know.

Shame on you for not only bringing more puppies into your store and advocating this practice, but also lying bold faced to your customers and telling them they're not from puppy mills. And I don't want to hear it from the people who say puppy mill is all a matter of perspective. These are not backyard breeders, these are huge, inhumane, PUPPY MILLS. period. that's exactly where you are getting them from. Why don't you give out the address? Well, anyone can do what I did and go in and look at the little white bundled paperwork that they carry around. Why don't you try that.

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