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Ex-convict faces charge of attempted murder

He should have jumped.

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Human error blamed in shooting by Campbell chief

Hey, look!! The magazine is out of my auto loader that I just fired, it must be safe...oops, sorry. Where is my oil? Anyone got any drywall patch? Hey, where did you guys run to?

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Human error blamed in shooting by Campbell chief

So this is why Andy only gave Barney one bullet, I get it now.

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Ohio authorities unsure how to halt suspended drivers

I will fear no suspended license, no auto insurance, no current plates, etc...I have my rights! When is my access card going to pay for my car insurance, license plates, towing/impound fees, court costs, bond and pay me for my for lost wages...? Oh, I forgot, I don't contribute to society, sorry.

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Store workers held hostage in Liberty

Refreshing... Ebony and Ivory? Are we to except that The Vindy will now report the the color of the perps in all future criminal stories? Coverings over their faces? Cream colored gloves? Are the southside BOYS equal opportunity employers?

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SB 5 foes take command in TV ad war


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Boardman’s push to get share of tax irks county

Erect a high fence north of the township, from route 11 to route 616, charge admission via gates at streets, roads and sidewalks... say 50 cents per person, coins only. This would generate lots of money for the township and at the east and west ends of the fence you will have Canfield and Poland police watching your back for riff-raff. I'd gladly pay entrance from Hubbard. Let's face it, Youngstown residents are the problem.

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Austintown man charged with Boardman robbery

Ytownnative, I noticed that too. No crime committed in Boardman, unless route 422 in NILES was recently annexed into Boardman. Ole carl spazz apparently hates Mahoning County. Hey carl... he will go free in Mahoning County, the crime was in Trumbull County.

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Hubbard promotes itself as a great place for business

"Hubbard Alliance, recently formed, is a casual organization of local contractors who encourage use of local professionals who live and work in the Hubbard area." ...Always, I repeat always check a contractor's Better Business Bureau rating at A recent check of one of these contractors revealed an "F" rating. You have to try really hard to achieve an "F".

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UPDATE: Dann to face criminal charges Friday: Prosecutor

Hey Dann, Thanks for putting another positive light on this valley. Fear not: You are a trooper and are entering the turnstile; you are in a long line of many stupid from the valley that will take your place and likely get off again with a ruler to the knuckles.

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