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Paul Ryan to cap off campaign in Vienna

Bloomberg endorsed Obama because he expects him to try to fix global warming. Translatin: Obama is going to accelerate his war on coal in Ohio and elsewhere. Frightening to me with friends who work in the coal industry.

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Obama tours damage; Romney mutes rhetoric

To the last two commenters, I think you're proving my point. Criticizing a guy for collecting donations for storm victims? Desperate.

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Obama tours damage; Romney mutes rhetoric

Well, it isn't exactly true that negative campaigning stopped during the storm. Bill Clinton and Joe Biden blustered around everywhere, including here, saying pretty nasty things about Gov. Romney and barely stopped short of blaming the storm on him because of global warming (which the President actually said he was going to solve.) If there was a high road taken, Romney took it by doing what he could to raise money for Red Cross and to help send food/water.

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Romney ads draw fire from automakers

Romney repeated what Bloomberg reported. The more important fact is that after Chrysler got a whole bunch of taxpayer money, it became a European company. How exactly is that a win? Over time when the parent company is foreign, more of the high paying jobs and all of the profits will go overseas. This might change if the business environment in the US was less hostile, but Obama keeps making it more hostile through tax increases and overregulation and making energy more expensive. Enough!

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Will Obama’s visit energize Dems?

Nobody gets more energized at seeing Obama than Obama himself. I bet the first order of business for the second term is to install some bigger, more flattering mirrors in the White House. That's what's been missing!

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Soup kitchen visit by Ryan stirs anger

A Catholic candidate showing up to try and help out at a Catholic charity shouldn't cause anyone anger. Whether it's realized or not, this soup kitched just got national publicity and I bet donations go up next year AND I bet Paul Ryan is more receptive to pleas for a little federal help. Way to turn a positive story into a negative.

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Clinton, Biden rally Democrats at the Covelli

Although Bill Clinton and Joe Biden would run a more moderate White House than Obama, this is a darned uninspiring event. Reminds us how empty the national Democrats are - of both talent and good ideas. Kind of sad.

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Poll favors Brown over Mandel by four points

I'm supporting Mandel because the nasty partisanship has to stop and all Brown does is whatever Obama wants. There needs to be more independent spirit - and I don't see Brown showing any. Ohio needs people who will defend our opportunities and not just ask for handouts.

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