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Energy efficiency makes sense

Cambridge,,,,your original post of why you enjoy living in your community has come under attack. Don't you know by now that the "Conservatives have all the answers and you must do things their way or you are a Socialist or a Communist?

I find the same problem with the Liberals. Everything is black or white to these people. Life is full of gray areas that require compromise from both directions for the correct answer to be found.

Most often we find the truth in the "Middle" of most arguments.

OK.....I am done...let the name calling begin.

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What government does well

I have spoken to several dozen MDs/DOs and find an even split at this point. Many have stated they would prefer all to be on MediCare thus doing away with health insurers altogether.
Go figure. They must be communists.

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Report: Obama's stimulus program led to 13,144 Ohio jobs

Democrats = tax & spend

Republicans = borrow & spend

All thieves.

Can't believe I just wasted 5 minutes reading these silly posts.

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Utility to sell you $9 bulbs for $21

I haven't heard anyone say this is for our own good. The Republican appointed PUCO and the utility companies are to blame for this profit making idea.

Does not matter if you suppport Republicans or Democrats...they are both funded by the Utility companies and other special interest concerns.

All politicians should be made to wear NASCAR jumpsuits that display their corporate sponsors.

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Utility to sell you $9 bulbs for $21

This came about by the PUCO board that was mostly Republican appointees. Hagen is leading the fight to have a cease and desist order brought forth. All politicians and the PUCO are heavily funded by the Utility companies.

We truly have the best government money can buy.

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Utility to sell you $9 bulbs for $21

I do not believe they are being delivered by the Postal Service. They will be dropped of by a private concern.
I will deduct 60 cents from every electric bill and wait for the class action suit to be settled.
I will not be a victim to greed. I will not be dictated to!

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Beck and others like him are filling a leadership void in the country

These folks are entertainers. I've listened to their shows and like most politicians you must seperate the wheat from the chaff to get to the truth.

I believe about 10% of us lean to the far left and another 10% to the far right. That leaves 80% holding the centrist view hoping to find a leader with common sense. Liberals and Conservatives come no where close to dictating the opinion of the masses.

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God-fearing patriots resent being labeled unAmerican


I fail to see where we disagree. I, too am conserative by nature....hope for the best...plan for the worst.

My last post was to say I believe that civil discourse in this forum would be more productive. The name calling and cries as to who is more American is not going to solve any debate.

It's great to hear from another brother. I doubt that we disagree on very many issues. Personally I believe both sides of the aisle in our current government are corrupt and bought off by special interest groups. Until we the people can vote directly on policy then nothing will change.

Semper Fi

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How would you rate President Obama’s first eight months in office?


Evidently people are not reading your post with the understanding of what you are trying to state. As an employer, I found your last post to be rather accurate.

It may be too late in the game to secure some of the changes our Country so desparately needs. The economist Chris Martinson believes our total liabilities as a nation, as of last year, exceed $50 trillion. He stated that our economy, as we knew it, is over and a whole new economy is currently evolving.

Food for thought.

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How would you rate President Obama’s first eight months in office?

My last post was taken from another newspaper...I thought it was an interesting spin. I enjoy it when people think for themselves. We don't get too much of that here as all I read is the same material I hear on Limbaugh and Beck.

America currently ranks 37th in health care. I am not satisfied with this statistic. France currently ranks 1st. That upsets me. I know we can do better.

I am interested in ProAmerican's background. You must have a PhD and have lived in many, many countries to be such an authority on so many topics.

Eric, I truly appreciate your thoughtful posts. You do some research before sitting down to the table. Too many just ramble on with unsubstantiated, hate filled accusations and claims.

Be well, all

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