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Do you agree with President Obama’s decision to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay?

Here we go!! You people that voted for "change" are now getting it. Maybe Murtha can have his voters convert them into REDNECKS!!! This is only the beginning folks. Brace yourselves!!! Those of you who voted no in this poll tells me there is still promise and logic in this country

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Arab-American Community Youngstown

Why don't you Americans with Palestinian heritage take your peaceful demonstration(s) to Hamas headquarters and encourage THEM to stop the violence. This tug of war of hate has existed since when will it register that this is old and enough is enough? Personally I'm tired of the behavior. It's interesting how the two parties coexist in America, and I'm sure it's the case over there. However, until the natives stand up to Hamas, Israel will have no choice but to continue to be the enforcer.

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Demonstrators walk 14 miles in Valley to protest Gaza attacks

“I hope we will encourage someone to do something about the killing and bombing,” Ahmed said, referring to one reason she decided to take part in Sunday’s Death March, in which participants walked about 14 miles from downtown Youngstown to Warren.

I know you are talking about the smuggled missles from Iran being fired into Israel...RIGHT??? Lady, many Americans are sick of a group of people launching smuggled missles from Iran into a country that really wants to coexist with Palestine. Why don't you be that "someone" who goes to Hamas headquarters and encourages them to stop launching smuggled missles from Iran into another country. I'm sure your influence will be greater than Israel's

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Cities, suburbs in the Valley give Obama stunning support

Be careful what you wish(vote) just might get it. Good luck MV and I'll be praying for you and the country!!

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