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Letson: They're not going to vote for the black guy

Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine came out yesterday alleging more potentially "illegal election activities." It's too bad DeWine and his friends can't just tell the truth. They can only win by lying and scaring people. Where's the proof Kevin? If you can't prove it, shut your mouth!!!

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Church leaders ask voters to oppose issues

This is an issue that impacts all Ohioans, many of whom are church goers. In this instance, I see no problem with folks coming out against a predatory industry. They see their parishioners trapped in debt and their food pantries run dry as a result of payday lending.

A yes vote on issue 5 will cap interest rates on payday loans at 28% APR and help end the debt trap for hundreds of thousands of Ohioans. Vote yes on issue 5!

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Critics question lending petition

Ohioans for Financial Freedom wants nothing but the freedom to charge us 391% interest. It's unfortunate that they are spending millions in our state to dupe voters into thinking that 391% is a choice that we all need! Well, folks, we don't need to fall for their lies and deception! We need to rid Ohio of predatory lenders and that's just what Ohioans for Financial Freedom is - a front group of lawyers, lobbyists and executives of predatory lending companies!

Vote Yes on Issue 5!

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