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SUPER ,SUPER go there any time we get home to Ytown

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2 new retailers coming to Southern Park

WOW what a story

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Donofrio's body found a year ago

The only Thug in this is Stony sand burger. Had to get rid of one of his own sidekick's

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Donofrio's body found a year ago

a one way trip in a sand truck

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James Donofrio body found on Ohio River shoreline

LOOK for sand trucks from Columbiana

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Canfield couple starts coordination company

Your right George !!! You show the Ytown class by putting down Ytown .
It seems you can not make any good comment with out putting down Ytown .
Your Ytown class is showing

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Canfield man sentenced for drug offense

And they let Jerry Stoneburner go and the Paper gives him a pass . Unbelievable
What is drugs to rape of the land ????

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Reuters) - Honda Motor Co Ltd (7267.T) will recall nearly 250,000 vehicles globally, including sedans, minivans and SUVs, due to braking problems, the automaker said on Thursday
MAYBE ?????

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Bishop Murry cites ‘firsts’ of new pontiff

He never said this "children of a lesser god". He said all are Blessed in the eyes of GOD . But some actions go against the teaching of GOD . And if you would like a vote on it , I'm sure most of the country would agree him .

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Valley artist in hospice draws on life full of passions

Good story
Need more stories of good things going on in the valley

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