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Are UFOs in our midst?

In Boardman, I saw the triangle with 3 red lights underneith, in each corner of the triangle. I was driving North on Glenwood Ave, at the innersection of Glenwood and Wildwood. 2-3 streets north of Wildwood, I saw 3 white lights in a straight line. Looked like 3 stars perfectly alligned. When I realized I was getting closer, i turned down the nearest street, and the lights came temperarly out of sight beacuse the object was directly over the roof of my car. I rolled down my window to look straight up, and saw a triangle with 3 red lights in each corner of the triangle. You would here a pin drop, there was no sound at all.. I am not saying this is a "Alien" craft, rather unexplained.. This craft was not moving at all, not even slightly, so it definitely was not a slow moving plane. Also, there were only the 3 white lites and 3 red lights, there were NO green lights anywhere on this aircraft.. after about 2 mins, the craft moved south east bound, until it was out of site.. The only thing I could guess is that this was a Medevac helicopter running drills, as I know they do that on a regular basis.. Would love to confirm this thought, because there was no noise, possibly because it may have been up high..?

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