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I rode my bike to work (kinda)

I see no "elbow and knee pads" or "strobe warning lights". I always wear my helmet when I ride...I have too much money invested in my education and need the protection for my noggin. Do you know a fall from a bike (about 6 feet or so) can paralyze you and turn you into a vegetable? A "girly" helmet could be the only thing that makes sure you can wipe your own ass after an accident.

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I rode my bike to work (kinda)

Hopefully you guys wore your helmets...

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I don't think we are on the same page here...not once did I mention anything about affirmative action. It has nothing to do with the comments I made. I personally have direct experience with the recruiting tactics of some of the coaching over there...they tried to get a few of my players to come to school and play for them, so don't tell me that it doesn't happen.

I coach in a predominately black school district (and am a white male), and we have our up and down years. Kids come to our school from Ursuline tell me it happens (recruiting). All I'm saying is that if we exempt parochial schools from state testing and funding, then why include them in state athletics? If we are leveling the playing field, as you put it, let's keep everything on the same level across the board.

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Athletic ‘balance’ push for schools rejected

Are you an idiot??

The competitive unbalance comes from the fact that your "inner-city" Ursuline team has recruited the best players from all the schools. Did you know that Ursuline has a tuition rate that students must pay? How many of the athletes have full ride scholarships to play there? Who pays those scholarships? Alumni. In fact, alumni have even offered to help said athletes by providing room and board for them to continue going to Ursuline. The unfair advantage is that they (along with every other parochial school in Ohio) get to pick their athletes while the rest of the districts have to work with what they have.

I fully support separate championships for public schools and parochial schools. I'm tired of seeing St. Ed's (a predominately white catholic school district) run away with the wrestling state tournament each and every year. Your argument about race being a factor is moronic and completely irrelevant to the article.

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Austintown school board reinstates teaching positions

Consider the source. Paul doesn't understand that the majority of the money from open enrollment students goes to the general fund. 5 teachers at $50k sounds high for teachers at the bottom of the rif list...maybe the vindy *GASP* doesn't have their facts straight. Operating costs to keep the school up and running (water, electric, paper, testing, special ed services, cafeteria food/workers, maintenance, etc.) also come out of the general fund...

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Austintown school board reinstates teaching positions

where is your $114,000 number coming from?

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Feds charge Antonini with concealing campaign gift

what about the "unnamed area businessman"? He gets off free? THIS is what is wrong with the system! He'll just bribe another one...politics as usual here in the Mahoning Valley.

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Bullet in Girard High toilet triggers lockdown

Is this the whole story? What about rumors that two guns (pellet guns maybe?) and a bag of pot were found...?

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Bullet in Girard High toilet triggers lockdown

is this the whole story??

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Y’town must take back streets

Holy cow...for ONCE, I think I have to agree with Bert here.

Until this violence stops, I am happy to give up some civil liberties in order to remain ALIVE.

I say we do it, and when you libs start boo hooing to your ACLU laywers, you guys can march up and down South Ave or over on the East Side on a Friday and Saturday night, protesting about this, and we'll talk Monday morning.

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