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Rockyroad (anonymous) says...

Frankie you missed the point, by a mile. "Life ain't fair." The poor kids who attend ANY inner city school know that from day one. If you want to make rules for a competitive balance on the field, then don't be a hypocrite off the field by opposing things like 'affirmative action" that level the playing field in life.

Folks like you tend to be "conspiracy theorists" anyhow, wondering if Obama is a citizen, wondering if we really got Bin Laden. So naturally, when an area team has an excellent program, you come up with a theory that they "recruit" far and wide. Could it be that maybe they have better coaches, better athletes who work harder and a better program and that maybe the program at your school and the athletes from your school are maybe not up to that caliber? No, its the "recruiting" that does it. Nothing will change your mind because you see "conspiracies" everywhere.

Well, keep this in mind. Folks like you, who cry that all of this is so unfair, make my day. And I love it when a diverse inner-city school thumps an all-white team from the suburbs or farm country. Just love it!!

May 18, 2011 at 11:48 p.m. reply suggest removal