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Mooney, Struthers contest pits storied team against Cinderella winner

I am so sick of open enrollment being used as an arguing point. They are not the same. Open enrollment does not have tuition attached to it. Let me ask you many black Catholics do you know?

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Warren cop shoots, kills man with long criminal record

Attis, do you know any of the specifics of the accident that killed 6 people in Columbus? No? Didn't think so. Keep your pie hole shut.

What happened was, the car was stopped in the middle of an intersection and the officer was responding to an armed robbery in progress. There was 6 people in a Toyota Corolla, none of which were buckled in, including a 2 year old with no car seat and also not strapped in. Absolutely a tragedy, but hardly the result of a "killing" cop.

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Obama suggests time to kick Russia to curb after latest (Snowden) snub

ytownomg, you are obviously "lackingbrainpowertoopenapackofmatches.": If you would just take a simple five minutes to do some fact finding instead of listen to Faux Noise,, you would be better off.

While Obama has had his hand in the deficit, this also proves who else contributed to it ..

simple facts.

As far as vacations..

screw off.

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New policy permits some employees to carry guns to Ohio school

Yes...great idea. One of these authorized certain employees has a bad night at home, comes in carrying a gun (because they are an authorized certain employee), has an issue with a co-worker who disagrees with them and what do you know....another school shooting. This time in our own back yard. But I guess I will jump on the band wagon. I only hope it is not just some puny hand gun either. I hope it is an all out fully automatic assault rifle.

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Marine dad keeps watch over Austintown Elementary

Gunny, go away. Don't go away mad.....just go away.

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Youngstown’s legendary Cedar’s Lounge is moving to the West Side

As long as the quality of the entertainment remains, and all of the reasons people went there stay the same, I don't think they will have a problem at the new location.
Good luck!

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Healthy, maybe; wasted, for sure


How many dogs have you tortured, killed, maimed, or abused? Did your parents realize early on that you are indeed a screw up and treat the family dog better than you? Is that why you hate dogs? I'm willing to bet that's what happened.

Just as Ret said above, dogs have the ability to to show love unconditionally. Maybe you should take a page out of their book of life and try it.

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Obama doesn’t weep for all


Excellent excellent post. Kudos!

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Obama doesn’t weep for all

Nice that you can find the time to get a political stab in at a time of a national tragedy. You are deplorable.

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Nitro’s Law stalls in the Ohio Senate


I have looked through some of your posts, you are nothing more than a troll. You show up in hot topic debates, spew some incomprehensible vomit, stir crap, ,bring no useful conversation or debate, and generally add nothing to the debate. Like GoPens said, no rational person will take you seriously. Do us all a favor, don't go away mad....just go away.

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