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Youngstown’s former chief of staff/secretary to the mayor is working for the city

Is this a joke? Our options for mayor are the should be convict, the sexual harassing tax cheat, or the mental patient. Now we're recycling names from the previous administration?

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Youngstown residents distrust school board, survey says

Neither the board or the administration (Hathorne, Hiscox, and company) can be trusted. With the exception of a few, these are nothing but a bunch of self-serving adults. Hathorne and Hiscox are the ringleaders of the chaos going on in the city schools.

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Restore or relocate? Mooney looks at options

The Chaney building will be available in a couple of years.

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Maine agency aims to improve Youngstown schools

Silence Dogood,

Knowledge Works was based out of Cincinnati and Mosaica is based out of Atlanta I believe. None of the consultants have been from this area so I can't see what makes this firm different. Consultants are not the answer for what ails this system. The politics and hiring procedures need to be addressed as well as making the parents accountable for their child's performance and attendance. Why are perfectly good, young teachers rifted while space is made/jobs created for friends of the higher ups, retire-rehires, and even football coaches and their wives that have less seniority. What happened to the truancy officers from back in the day when I was in school?

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Maine agency aims to improve Youngstown schools

Hiscox hired some of his buddies from New England. What a surprise. For those that don't know, he had a job similar to the very consultants he hired while living in the northeast. I can almost guarantee these are some of his people.

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New Youngstown park & rec director to start next week

What a scam. There were so many qualified candidates that are already working with the youth of Youngstown. Why push all of those candidates to the bottom of the list?

@Undertaker: I'm sure Chucky and his sidekick will take good care of him.

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City schools’ commission leader resigns

Her husband is a teacher at Chaney. His last name is Scarsella and I've heard he's been causing a lot of problems over there.

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Youngstown schools superintendent moves two principals


Before you judge someone (Wanda Clarke), know the situation. I understand that you feel she should not get her post back but "tarred and feathered?" Really? Once she files the paperwork, she has just as much of a right to have an available principal's position as anyone else. There were no instances of misconduct or poor job performance. Life happens. Get over it.

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Wick Park a focus of Youngstown administration, groups


My hope is that Carl was referring to the nicer prefab homes that can be. built over existing foundations. Knowing this site, that might be a little naive of me.

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Wick Park a focus of Youngstown administration, groups

Carlstaatz.....All of what you said looks great on the Vindy website. It would look even better in a proposal to the new mayor. You obviously have some knowledge of construction and demolition so why let it go to waste.

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