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'Black Monday' now symbol of Valley's resilience

Just started my senior year in high school when Black Monday was announced. The end of a way of life. Stuck around the Valley until mid-1980. Long enough to witness the beginning of the Mini-DEPRESSION with 22% unemployment. Sold my old car, bought a train ticket out West and after 8 years and a lot of work, put myself through college and grad school. Came back to see the FALL leaves in '85 and it was the first time I ever saw clearly across the Mahoning Valley. I almost wrecked my car staring across the valley when I crested the hill on 680 by the Mill Creek Park sign. Beautiful fall colors which had before been hidden by a sparkly brown haze. I visit when I can, or sadly when I need to.

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$30 million to form investment hub in Youngstown

3D printing will be HUGE. Like TV, Telephones, Radio, COMPUTERS before them. Price points are dropping and a whole basic system can be had for 2K. My first computer was 3K in the early 1990s. People are starting to have these at their homes. The thing that drives them will be SOFTWARE and applications. Bill Gates and MS made BILLIONS making software for IBM-compatibles. Good to see something exceptional coming Y-town's way! Now run with it!

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Mahoning Valley faces critical shortage of doctors

georgejeanie - its not like the people who will now have medical coverage DID NOT EXIST prior to getting medical coverage. Is your solution simply to let those people sicken, incur huge medical expenses, beggar their families, and then DIE?
Are you old enough for Medicare? Will you take it when you get to be that old? If you are not for affordable care for everyone, then demonstrate your moral superiority to the rest of society and refuse all govt-subsidized health care.
Health CARE costs are not going up NEARLY as quickly as Health INSURANCE costs, because insurance costs are driven by the desire for ever increasing quarterly profits. Quit equating the two. And quit thinking that republicans have a better answer. they will do as they are told by their owners, the Medical Insurance companies. And who do you think WROTE "obamacare"? Stop and think before spouting your " libtard, dumbocrat" mouthfarts.

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Burglary ring in suburbs reflects a spread of crime

Dominic Eckman! Were we all to mispronounce the last name of the author of the Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo, would you just simply say "Here!"

That first jail term wasn't very educational, was it? Looks like you'll have more time for reading now.

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Blast at Ohio gas site kills one

I worked Oil and Gas well drilling and completions for 5 years in California and Wyoming before deciding that college was a better option. Saw the results of a few explosions during that time, people badly burned and 1 killed, Most times, it wasn't your own carelessness that got you, it was someone else untrained in the proper procedures, or cutting corners that couldn't be cut.

Always sad to lose someone to work.

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Obama to visit Poland Friday

Who was the last sitting President of the United States to visit Poland? William McKinley? Anyone?

Hopefully he will mention Poland Alumnus Eric Spiegal's efforts at Siemens to invest in America and Americans.

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Supreme Court pretends that money can’t corrupt politicians

95% convinced that the Supreme Court is politically motivated and subject to the same "contributors" as all the other members of government.
5% of me hopes that the Citizens United ruling was meant to make things SO BAD that the citizenry of the United States of America would FINALLY say ENOUGH!!! Get the money out of politics.

Call me naive or idealistic. America is great IN SPITE of its politicians, not because of.them.

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Erie man sentenced for staging series of crashes

One hates to generalize or profile people, but there are certain nationalities, highly represented in the Southwest, but growing nationally, that have embraced this type of activity wholeheartedly.

They work in teams/rings/gangs. Usually they have a woman and a baby riding with the man doing the driving to deter dragging the guy out of the car and beating him as he deserves.

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Poland school board approves pay-to-play plan

We are the Bulldogs, Mighty Mighty Bulldogs. Everywhere we go People want to know
Who we are
So we tell them.

That being said - make sure there's a hardship clause, because sports = discipline, and keep/save/rescue many a wayward youth from getting into trouble. From Experience.

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No secret about where president stands on same-sex marriage

I can't believe people are so obtuse as to take a comment that was meant to describe dealing with the desire for many to have freedom in personal relationships and stretch the subject out to encompass rape and murder, as well as thievery. These things have no relationship to the original topic AT ALL. That is either a juvenile tactic perhaps learned on a high school debate team, or an unintelligent simplistic one. Neither has any merit.

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