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First off, I am Irish my grandparents are from Ireland. Are yours? In addition gay people have the right to be thought of as people. If you would like to go out in public and hold your husbands or wife's hand I would not care about that if I want to go out in public and I want to hold my partners and you would care about that that's where you're missing the distinction between myself and you. I accept people you exclude people based on how they identify. I can see there's no getting through to you so be lonely in your opinion. Bitterness only makes people die unhappy

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Honestly your sense of reality is warped. There is no "gay agenda" Not sure if you watched the parade or not but fireman were in fire trucks, school bands were carrying school names, businesses had their logos displayed. The LGBT community is no different. You really need to get over yourself. The LGBT community won't be suppressed by bigots such as you. Go picket with westboro people like YOU thankfully are becoming the manority now.

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Truly it is 2014 and the archaic notion you're preaching that being in the LGBT community is about who you sleep with is completely absurd. There where gay people and straight allies marching to show support for an overlooked and oppressed group of human beings. I hope some day you will see the light and adjust your primitive thinking to include love for humanity and not dwell on what people do in the privacy of there own homes.

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