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U.N. should not suffer fools like Ahmadinejad so gladly

This is a disgrace. Truly despicable and shameful. History shows that the rhetoric used by Ame-dinner-jacket is only the beginning of our apathy towards his deluded way of thinking unless someone fearless enough and not afraid of reproach actually stands up to him and his totalitarian regime.

Tehran experienced mass protests after his election resulting in opposition leaders being imprisoned and their homes ransacked. Lest we forget the tragedy of Neda Agha-Soltan, a beautiful Iranian woman shot and killed during protests. Or Sakineh Mohammad Ashtiani who has been sentenced to stoning by this draconian, backward establishment. Or even the two US hikers languishing in prison for the crime of walking over an invisible boarder!!

One google search alone will reveal countless Iranians who have fled Iran in fear of their lives after daring to speak out against this despicable and oppressive government. The majority of protestors outside the UN were in fact Iranians who still deeply care about their country and it's hope for democracy. The Iranians are gorgeous people under an Islamic dictatorship!

But the greatest shame I heap upon the UN. For all the ugliness and idiocy of Iran's leadership, they are what that are and Ahmedinnerjacket's lunacy is at least plain enough for the world to see. Yet when will the UN ever do what it was fundamentally established to do? NOT hold talk-fests that do nothing for woman being raped repeatedly in the Congo while these elites talk so-called ‘diplomacy‘. NOT have endless debates and photo-ops sessions for mass media. NOT appeasing greedy Arabs who bicker, complain and whine about anything and everything without so much as making any effort or taking initiative to stabilise their own region!!

The UN was established after the atrocities of WWII with the premise of "never again". But the irony is that it has ever since been "again" and "again" and "again", one human atrocity after another while global delegates sit and ponder resolutions while blood spills. I am utterly ashamed of UN and the International Community (is there really such a thing?) should be too. There is no confidence any longer in it's ability to speak out against nations that blatantly violate the very Charter the UN was founded upon. And why??

Because the worse perpetrators sit comfortably on the UN Council. They are the UN.

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