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Niles councilman pleads not guilty to traffic violation

Dave, you seem like you're probably a pretty big deuche bag. It, I'm sure, is easy for you to read these random articles and pass what you must believe is wisdom onto these otherwise good people and go on with your life feeling good about yourself. When the fact of the matter is that the only information you have to judge these people on is the brief article you happener to glance through. I am guessing that just because this gentleman is a city councilman and wants to give back to city he grew up in, you feel that you are perfectly entilied to pass judgement on him. Well talk with your vote and for the benefit of the rest of us keep your opinion to yourself. And as far as the 'Man up' coment goes... I seriously doubt that there is one aspect in which Mr. McCormick is non ten times the man you are. Instead of spending his time commenting 4155 times on newspaper articles, he, if you do any research at all, spent his life providing clean water to Niles at the Mahoning Valley Santiary District. He started as a janitor and worked all the way up to Chief of Operations. So it sounds to me like if anyone needs to man up here it's you. I'm sure Mr. McCormick will accept whatever decision that the court makes and is the type of 'man' that will understand the gravity of this unfortunate action and never repeat it. Maybe you should understand that no one really gives a damn about your opinion and keep it to yourself next time.

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