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Blinded by blood: Auction will help pay off medical bills

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December 7, 2011 at 9:50 p.m.

Autopsy: NYC boy was given drugs, then smothered

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July 20, 2011 at 6:57 p.m.

Mayor’s exit ends city’s HUD bid

"Thanks Jay"???? really? The man has a spot to be on the president of the United States staff, and you're MAD towards him?

You dirty piece of sh*t DNA. I'm amazed your pitiful family bloodline made it this far. Please go back to flipping burgers. PLEASE! we need you people.

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Youngstown man indicted for trafficking in counterfeit merchandise

Hey Stan,

you seem to have a lot to say, (7489 comments! holy Sh*t) but Youngstown is only getting worse. Stop TALKING and get off your lazy ass and do something about the 'cocaine.' Loser.

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Kasich gets deal with Penn National

Hey Chuck,
Did you ever consider the incredible and devastating effects a gambling institution has on a community. When gamblers cash runs dry? Prostitution sets up shop, underage gambling, drinking, binge gambling, increasing foreclosures on top of what we have...and then all these people will need social resources since no one has health insurance, day care, etc....When gamblers have no more money and no one is gambling, there's suddenly a big white elephant crumbling on 200 acres now. Penn will build it for nothing practically, since Penn will be collecting 30-40% profit margins over 10 years, so they will easily make up the 110 million and in exactly 10 years they will leave. And now look what happened to a prime piece of property in Austintown, that could have sustained a new home development (that collects taxes for 50-60 years) or a mall perhaps, or large anchor stores, or anything else but a casino. Any answers for that Mr. Carney. Ever wonder why the area around Mountaineer looked the way it does, but Mountaineer looks like they are the only ones in town with cash? I DIDN'T THINK SO. And don't bring up a vanished industry in the Wheeling area from the past. Smart local and state political leaders could have brought in lots of other companies with proper legislation. Hope you're alive in 10 years to see what your support will bring.

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Obama releases birth form, decries ‘silliness’

I can't believe I'm hearing dirty little Youngstowners commenting on the validity of Obama's time you all look through your resume and see a diploma from Harvard or Columbia, then you can comment on this....Obama's WAYYYYY above any of you stop with the right wing all look damn dumb. Go back to living in your shi*tty little homes of your sh*tty little weak, small ancestors that nearly destroyed this country. [and will if we (the smart ones) don't do something about it.]

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Youngstown council balks at changing Covelli Centre food vendor

covelli is owned by Panera people, so obviously they want to keep all the cash coming into the centre under one umbrella....they have been in the food business for years, so they'll know what to do, but hopefully they understand to keep costs down....

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Jesuits settle abuse claims for $166 million

more Christians, doing God's work...and you think Muslims are bad....hmmm....ever wonder why they stopped looking for Osama bin Laden? oh, you forgot him already....(im speaking to the media, and millions of you out there who also forgot, but will prob state you never did, and never will.....if you haven't forgotten him, then FIND HIM! You won't have any problem finding Christians (or Jews for that matter) killing and molesting people of all ages across this planet.) If someone invades your backyards, im fairly certain the majority of you fine gun toting Christians would do anything to defend your property, ever wonder why all of a sudden you hear about muslims fighting, ITS BECAUSE YOU INVADED their lands! wake up folks, you're pissin off a lot of people.

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Restraining order obtained to shut down purported drug house

do what early Americans did in the old west, shoot first, ask questions later....fight fire with fire I say. These rats need to be exterminated. Extinguish their DNA so it won't have a chance to contaminate future generations.

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Thankful thoughts shared at mayor’s prayer breakfast

Not that I support any candidate or official, let's be more constructive in your comment. What would you do differently if you were mayor? Before you do, please let us know your educational achievements, so we know we're not dealing with someone who lives in a van down by the river.

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