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Billboard ladies keep Christ in Christmas

KCIC, you have a great start on the truth. The secular-progressives want to remove each and every moral fiber that exists in our country so we look to the government for our existence, not God. Government wants God out of our lives so they can rule. They want everyone to do whatever "makes them feel good" (humanism); therefore, following the scriptures would bring judgment to their actions and the government believes we should be non-judgmental and tolerate every person's beliefs, actions, and opinions (political correctness); no matter the cost to our country's moral decline. If people have no morals, no spiritual guidance, no sense of right and wrong, there are no consequences and that is how the secular-progressives want it so they can have absolute control. This is a spiritual battle going on behind the scenes but being played out in front of our very eyes. We have a judgment day coming and you are either with God or against God. We cannot keep murdering babies, promoting gay marriages, throw marriage and family values away and expect God to bless our country. We are getting exactly what we allowed to happen. Having said all the above, I applaud the ladies and their efforts. Our country has to get back to the standards on which we were founded. If a billboard here and there helps in any way, good. So what that they spent the money. . .how many HUGE churches with gyms, kitchens, etc., are being built instead of supporting the needy? Do you worship at one? Do you need all that or just a church pew to worship God? Think about it. If you want to criticize these ladies, look around and there is plenty to go around for other organizations. If anything and everything isn't done and done quickly, you will no longer have any religious freedoms, except maybe the choice of being a Muslim or dying.

December 8, 2009 at 11:07 p.m. suggest removal