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ODNR rejects linking well to Mahoning Valley quakes

Let's be open minded. We probably need to take a closer look at the process, but with the hope that we find a way to make this work. I don't want to be without water, and realize we cant live without it. However, when you read what the positive results have been in places like pennsylvania and north dakota, it probably makes sense for our leadership to visit those communities to see what they wished they had done differently......just a thought.There are pros and cons to everything hopefully ther are more pros to what this can do for the valley.

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Canfield parent files lawsuit against school board are dead on. That's what other communities have done and we need to do the same.

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Canfield parent files lawsuit against school board

Regardless of where they go, the bottom line is the current system isn't working. We cn blame it on overpaid teachers, clueless board members, helicopter parents.....regardless, the system needs fixed. Run it like a business....consolidate schools where necessary, eliminate positions, fire underperforming coaches, teachers or administrators. Hold them accountable....academic and athletics alike. A football coach makes the playoffs, a softball coach wins a championship, but in reality they still underachieved....why? because their buddy the athletic director or principal or board member felt it was good enough. Poland, Canfield, board man, ......all the same. Riding easy street and in the end, the community and kids within are screwed. Clean starts at the top.

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