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Trumbull judge sends Warren man to prison for 32 years in drug case

Rediculous. The state is going broke but we can afford to lock up drug dealers for 32 years? A non-violent drug offender gets a life sentence and child molesters, rapists and murderers get 5-10, max. Nice.

Hey, btw, 90% of the worlds heroine supply comes from Afghanistan. When the Taliban controlled the country, they eradicated the poppy crop which the main ingredient is derived. Since the US and Karzai regime has been in control, opium production has soared and they're breaking records every year. Karzai's brother is a known kingpin.

We know US troops are guarding poppy fields and I wouldn't be surprised if they were helping to get the product to market... albeit maybe unknowingly (CIA).

Hey, those Afghan farmers have got to make a living! Winning hearts and minds, ya know?

But, this punk gets 32 years! Maybe he should have contracted with the CIA?

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State pen workers take on chamber

Unions are smart to 'vote' with their dollars. I believe Ohio has eliminated it's corporate income tax, correct?

Start there with balancing the budget... 40% with no loopholes. Deductions for every job created that pays over $15/hr.

Then, increase the estate tax. Also, set the personal income tax rate on those making more than $250k/yr at 40%.

Take the increased revenue and start up the First Ohio Public Savings and Loan... just like North Dakota has now. Allow any resident to deposit savings and offer a superior rate. Offer small loans and mortgages at the FED discount rate plus 1% (in other words... 1% interest mortgages).

Being that it is a Savings and Loan, it will have access to the FED discount window and other FED money at 0% interest. It can then lend that money out at a profit and use that profit to finance gov't functions.

Let the state become the banker for the people and it'll generate so much money that in a short time, you'll be able to lower and even eliminate income taxes. Offer these low interest loans to businesses as well and you'll have business flocking to the state.

North Dakota has been using this model of funding for generations and they have a HUGE surplus for such a small state, very low taxes, 4% unemployment, and they have plenty of money to pay for any project or service they want.

And, before all you fascist start crying 'socialism', they still have private banks that do very well. There's plenty of room for both to exist, especially in a state the size of Ohio.

Instead of cutting and/or taxing... ALL states and the Federal Gov't itself, need to look into 'creative financing' for its revenue generation.

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Youngstown families of injured children sue Liberty cops

'Several Blocks' when you're doing 80mph or more is about a second or two at most. The officer(s) cut off their chase seconds before the kids were mowed down. Big whup! That angle of defense is invalid. If I'm the lawyer for the kids, I eat the LPD's lunch if that's their best defense.

We all know police use BS reasons like 'missing front tag' to pull over black kids in order to search their vehicles for drugs or guns or whatever.

Legalize all drugs now and this madness ends tomorrow. The price of pot, cocaine, whatever will drop so fast and so low that 90% of the dealers out there now will be out of business in a matter of days.

When it all boils down... these are three more victims in the failed 'War on Drugs'.

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Ohio St. AD on Tressel: ‘It’s a nightmare’

Tressel ain't from Youngstown, jerkoff! Get a clue before you trash the city!

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Eatery caters to unions

@Sophie: You are going to have to choose sides. There is a war going on in this country and it's between the middle/lower classes and the upper class or, more specifically, the bottom 99% vs the top 1%. We didn't declare this war, they did.

Union members, both public and private, are going to be 'voting' with their dollars. Businesses that do not support unions or collective bargaining will not get union business. This is a campaign going on all across the country. Unions are boycotting banks and other businesses that supported Scott Walker in WI.

Unions in OH are doing the same and they also want to know who in the local community is supportive of their cause and standard of living and who is not. That sign you refused to put in your window tells all union members, supporters and their friends and family that you support them... or not.

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Pavlik looks as good as ever in prep for May 7

We're all behind you, Kelly.

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Ohioans could force recall elections

It's the 'Mellon Doctrine' all over again!

“Liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate the farmers, liquidate real estate.”

All except the stocks part, that is! Wouldn't want the fat-cats to take a hit now, would we? Even though Wall St. destroyed the economy and 8million jobs along with it, couldn't dare THINK of having them pay a price to repair it!

Nooooo.... they get $17TRILLION of taxpayer money to keep themselves afloat, speculate on stocks and commodties and basically run up the cost of food, fuel and raw materials for the rest of us!

Can you say, 'Taxation By Speculation!'???

And, you anti-American, Anti-Union, Anti-Worker stooges think that teachers are bringing the country down!? HOLY MOLY are you people misinformed!

Wall St. gets a $17TRILLION no-questions-asked HANDOUT and they/you have the GALL to call working folks 'socialist' for wanting to receive benefits THEY'VE PAID FOR their entire working career!?

Only in America, I guess!

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Ohioans could force recall elections

Sorry Li(ar)... you don't get to make up history. Republicans have controlled the Governors office since 1975 for all but 12 yrs... two terms (8yrs) in early '80s under Celeste and 1 term under Strickland (4). Republicans have controlled the State Senate pretty much since 1984. And, they've controlled the House since 1994 with the exception of two yrs during Strickland's term (with a very narrow Dem majority).

The Republicans have pretty much controlled the state since the late '80s. So, how is it again that the Dems have run this state into the ground? Did you ever stop to think that since the Valley continues to vote Dem, maybe they have been getting punished by the GOP controlled State?

Nooooooo! Wouldn't be any politics involved there, eh? LOL! Sucker!

Keep voting for the GOP that is hell-bent on eliminating every social safety net this country has... which created a middle class in this country, btw... and of which I am SURE you and/or your friends and family depend on every day... and see how it turns out for ya!

All the while ELIMINATING corporate income tax, slashing income tax rate for ONLY the top 2%, and ELIMINATING the Estate tax!

Of course, to make up the loss of revenue, they have to RAISE your taxes... sales taxes, property taxes, excise taxes, fees for tags and services, and cuts or elimination of services.

In other words, keep voting for Republicans and watch your standard of living continue to decline.

Did y'all catch the GOPs plan for creating jobs? It's a nice one... cut enough gov't service, slash public employee pay, eliminate public employee jobs and flood the job market with desparate, but highly-skilled workers, which will LOWER the wages for EVERYONE and thus lower labor costs for the private sector and (hopefully) spur job creation!

You couldn't make this crap up! LOL!

Here's the link in case you don't believe me:

So, go ahead and vote yourself a pay-cut, loss of health insurance and pension so that the fat-cats can continue to pay no tax and in fact, receive billions in gov't subsidies! YEAH!


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Gov.: Youngstown is 'in my blood.'

Here is your problem, Ohio:

"There is only one recent example of a state eliminating its corporate income tax. Ohio phased out its corporate income tax from 2005 to 2009, and it also eliminated its taxation of business machinery, equipment, and inventory property. Although the state substituted a different type of general business tax, the new tax did not even fully replace the revenue from the business property tax; in other words, Ohio effectively repealed its corporate income tax without replacing any of the revenue. Nonetheless, despite a more than $1 billion annual reduction in business taxes, Ohio’s shares of national income, employment, and investment have all fallen slightly since 2005."

So, you eliminate taxes on corporations in the hope that they create jobs and new business in Ohio!? Well, WHERE ARE THE JOBS!?

We've been cutting taxes on corps and the rich for 35 yrs or more now with the promise that if we just cut them a little more, the jobs will start flowing like water down a mountain!


How much longer are you going to continue to do the same things and expect different results?

Your corporate income tax is now at ZERO!


The middle class has no more buying power and has lost it's appetite for easy credit. Without DEMAND for products, there will be NO MORE JOBS!

So, all you Teabagger geniuses, what do you think will happen when 350,000 more Ohioans take another 15% pay cut?


You can't cut corporate taxes any lower than ZERO PERCENT! So, what are you going to do to balance the budget when you LOSE JOBS and small businesses close due to a huge loss of disposable income from your state?

What, you think the Gov is going to LOWER your taxes? Guess again... he's going to RAISE fees, RAISE sales taxes, RAISE property taxes, etc etc etc to pay for that ZERO % income tax on corps and LOSS of jobs/revenue caused by his 15% pay cuts to public employees!

This isn't about lower taxes for all... it's about shifting the tax burden to the middle/lower classes. I guess y'all won't figure that out until you lose YOUR job AND your taxes go up!


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Cuts threaten projects at Youngstown Air Reserve Station

$178billion spent by DoD in 2010 for medical and retirement benefits and compensation for active duty and military retirees.

Recent report by CBO says true annual cost of America's National Security apparatus (read empire) was $1.2TRILLION!!

This does NOT include the cost of the two wars.

$35Bil for an air-tanker that we don't even need anymore.

Sad part about all of these cuts (public employees) and spending is that, with manufacturing now outsourced to the third world, the gov't now provides employment, directly and indirectly, for over 55% of our country.

Start making massive cuts to public services and/or defense and/or entitlements and this country will spiral into a depression the likes of which we could only dream of.

The US Public needs to be weaned off gov't based employment so as not to cause chaos. I'd much rather we start by closing bases in foreign countries as these would not have as huge an impact on our local economies.

maybe we could reduce class size and improve facilities for our kids to learn the 21st century skills their going to need to compete with the communists, if the US Chamber of Commerce is going to insist on doing business with them commies.

Then, let follow Trumps lead and implement at 25% import tarriff on all finished manufactured goods coming into the country, as almost every single one of our competitiors does to us.

Then we end NAFTA, CAFTA and the FTAA.

End the Fed. Stop financing of public debt at interest.

Reign in Wall St.

End Farm Subsidies, Oil/Gas subsidies, and make corporations pay thier fair share of taxes.

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