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Davie taken from death row to Lucasville

It will be just like preparation before surgery. He'll calmly and peacefully fall asleep. Very painless.

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Dad's pot case bound over to court

Alwayshope, you clearly missed my sarcasm. What I'm saying is this...It's totally unnecessary for us to equate crimes. One crime is no better than the next one no matter who committs it. It sickens me that we get on our high horses and look down on inner city violence when we committ crimes just as bad if not worse than the "urbanites." So for those of you who think other people are "animals, scum, etc...lets clean up our own back yards before we bash others simply because of where they live!

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Boys accused in attack stay in custody

It turns out that Verdarell Lowery has been released from his medically induced coma and his swelling has subsided. Verdarell is very responsive and seems to be on his way to recovery. Thank God. Further reports (WKBN) indicated that Mr. Lowery was a MAJOR instigator in the malee prior to being struck with the bat. The three teens arrested for assulting Verdarell had been tormented by Verdarell and his fellow gang members over the course of several years prior to the brawl that took place on July 21, 2010.
As I've stated before, the parents of these teens need to do a much better job of accounting for their children (NO EXCUSES!!!)

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Dad's pot case bound over to court

This guy is a true derivative of our so-called founders of this country (not referring to the real founders, our Native Americans). I absolutely love seeing my fellow caucasians committ acts against our own. We think we're so smart that we've turned out to be one of the dumbest races in good old America.

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No decision yet on clemency for Roderick Davie

It's clear that you do not have the 'animal' gene that Mr. Davie has. With that attitude... lets just hope you don't end up a victim where someone elses veins need preped in your honor.

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Teachers fight for Viagra drug coverage

censooredship it sounds like you're suffering from a case of 'penis envy.' Anger won't fix the poor little guy.

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Pa. teen hurt while car surfing

An absolutely STUPID thing to do. We can not have our kids acting like urbanites. We're no smarter than them. We're "car surfing" robbing banks w/o wearing masks, and we are all over the news channels molesting our children. We're turning out to be no better that the urbanites. Lets not be like them!

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Should the three teens charged in the baseball-bat beating of a 15-year-old Warren boy be tried as adults?

It's so very comforting to know that everyones' comments serve as entertainment ONLY! It's so easy to hand down a sentence when the whole truth has not yet been reported. The only facts that you tea party onlookers seem to want to act on is what's being seen on a cell phone video. Several law enforcement officers stated that shortly before Mr. Lowery was struck with the bat, he possessed a similar bat attempting to inflict the same harm on someone else. How soon we forget about the mishaps we had as teens that we called upon our parents to bail us out of. Your judgements are a clear reason why you could NEVER hold any political position, or be asked to serve jury duty. You are no better than the teens involved. I have an idea. Lets post our real names and run criminal checks on eachother so that we can see who's throwing stones in glass houses!

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3 teens charged in fight, baseball-bat assault

All I hear are excuses for Jordan Brown. No video tape needed. What we do have is the DEAD BODY of an exspectant mother and the DEAD BODY of an 8 month old unborn baby. I sure would hate to see what he would've done had he reached that emancipated age.The court system clearly did not see Jordan Brown through your eyes (thank God!) I say we forgive convicted killer Jordan Brown (because he was not old enough to drive a car.) Right censoredship? After all even though his crimes were MUCH worse, he is white!

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Teen critical after being assaulted with bat

Animals, scum, savages etc... If only I could get pass the name calling I might be able to grasp a full understanding for everyones comments. I'm curious, what did you name callers use when Jordan Brown, the 11year old white kid from Wampum, PA was given a shotgun gy his own father used it to shoot his fathers PREGNANT fiancee killing her and the unborn child and then preceeds to catch the bus to school? Please shre with us some of those names! I really don't race has anything to do with this matter.

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