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FREDSTR (anonymous) says...

Although I’m a registered Democrat and helped vote Congressman Ryan into office, I won’t make that mistake again. With the elections just a little over 3 weeks away I was looking for an alternative to the incumbent Ryan. It’s not that I’m against health care for those misfortunate not to have insurance. I worked all my life to earn what I have; not to pay for insurance for the job stealing illegal aliens or the terrorists in the 37 terrorist camps in this country. The terrorists are here to kill us and destroy our country, but with the new health care bill we must provide them with insurance. Two words “American citizens” added to the bill would have made it easier to accept. I am Pro-life and Mr. Ryan is Pro-choice. I like many others that post here wanted an alternative but didn’t want to cross party lines. I watched for Vindicator coverage to try to find who was running against Mr. Ryan. I’ve read posts about the Democratic Mafia in Youngstown and Mr. Ryan is embedded so deep in that group that no media print or television will cover any candidate but Mr. Ryan. To my good fortune a candidate came to my door. It turns out he’s a neighbor running, on the Democratic ticket for 17TH Congressional Representative. This gentleman’s name is Bob Crow, we had a very lengthy talk and I ask him why I’d never heard of him through the media. He said he has had interviews with most of the newspapers but locally he can’t get any coverage.
He went on to describe how Bertram DeSousa tried to belittle him in front of all at the meeting with the Vindicator, by saying that he didn’t know his facts about the V & M Star expansion. The Vindicator should apologize to Mr Crow for DeSousa’s actions. Mr. DeSousa was dead wrong claiming that the V & M Star expansion was put together by Ryan. I have personally called V & M Star executives that I know and they confirmed that Mr. Ryan was at the announcement of the expansion and the media portrayed him as putting the deal together, when in reality he was called in to amicably settle the differences between Mayor Williams and Mayor Melfi. I also think the Vindicator and DeSousa owe Mayors Williams and Melfi an apology for discrediting these two gentlemen after the time and effort they put forward to acquire the expansion project.
I was very impressed with Candidate Crow when I inquired about his platform or views, education, work history, and I was very impressed by his manor and appearance. If anyone out there is like me not wanting to vote for the incumbent, doesn’t want to cross party lines; there is an alternative worth checking into. You’ll have to research it yourself because like I pointed out the media won’t cover anyone other than Ryan. Good or bad send me your comments.

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