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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

@Stan: You caution that abortion will lead us on a path towards a "genocide in America [that] includes the elderly along with the unborn for the sake o[f] convenience." Mandating that women vacate fetuses and murder the elderly isn't a convenience, it is an imperative. Global warming, skyrocketing health care costs, Social Security problems--Americans are living too long and their continued presence is too costly. Abortions and the elimination of the elderly may be the most sensible (and efficient) solution to resolving these impending crises. The jobs created to dispose of fetuses and old people will reduce unemployment and stimulate economic growth. Finally, it would spare a whole generation of children from ridiculous ingrates that trivialize the atrocities of World War II by comparing them to abortion, and from heathens that invoke the "fear of God" to cover their own arguments' weaknesses.

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