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Texting ban in Canfield to start Friday

Funny how some people are too dumb and need laws in place to teach them not to do something that COMMON SCENCE would teach them to do. But the way Americans are today, Doesn't suprise me anymore.

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Letter to Ryan causes concern

Sounds like "Lifesnadir" could have sent the letters. LMAO

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Marine recruits from Valley remembered

I wonder if the Truck Driver was goofing around on the Cell Phone! God Bless the People and the Family to whom we have lost.

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Youngstown schools to stimulate achievement

You CAN NOT help people who just don't care. The people who wanted a NEW SCHOOL said that it will improve grades. Did it happen? NO! This is just YET ANOTHER way to get money. Prediction: It Won't help because MOST of the kids parents Don't care and do not want to be parents. They are the Scum who Raise Scum! Enough Said.

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Youngstown school bus hits house in Campbell

More and More Bus Accidents. They let ANYONE drive them. Either that. or they are MORE and MORE careless.

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4-year-old Warren child dies from fire

God Bless this childs soul. :(

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Brookfield man admits raping, beating stepson, 8

He WILL get his in Prison. Beating a child? Worthless Scum! The Mother not knowing? She is Scared as well, Afraid. She will come out and talk give her time. She knew. How couldn't a parent know? BS

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Feds target J.J. Cafaro

Isn't it funny how he "Retired" so early. He Knew it was Coming. I am just WAITING for MORE to come out.

March 3, 2010 at 6:37 p.m. suggest removal

New library levy appears likely

Pay a User Membership if it is That useful. You can get what you need on the Internet. Library's are Obsolete. My question is, Why in theee HECK are they Union? If not are you afraid you will be Forced to carry 2 books at a time? GET REAL!

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Niles teacher suspended without pay

Union. Enough Said.

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