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Cafaros know how to get even

Betram writes: "J.J. [Cafaro] ... is a convicted felon. He pleaded guilty to federal charges of bribing former Congressman James A. Traficant Jr."

A more complete account of J.J.'s entanglement in felonies might read like this:

J.J. Cafaro is a convicted felon who pled guilty to perjury in the Chance bribery case.

Cafaro then avoided spending 18-24 months in jail for his previously confessed perjury, by 'confessing' that he had secretly bribed Rep. James Traficant on behalf of a bogus shell company headed by his daughter Capri Cafaro.

There was no evidence that such a bribe had transpired, apart from Cafaro's plea-bargained word to that effect.

And Traficant pointedly denied the charges, at one point yelling at his long-time political adversary Cafaro: "J.J. you're just lying to keep your ass out of jail!"

Testifying before Congress, former Cafaro Company test pilot Richard Detore stated that it was his understanding that J.J. Cafaro had indeed been maneuvering to run his daughter, Capri, for Congress against Traficant.

Detore also testified to Congress that he had whistle-blown Cafaro Company tax evasion and Torricelli money-scrubbing to federal prosecutors.

But neither J.J. nor Capri Cafaro were ever investigated for those alleged crimes.

Ms. Cafaro did indeed run twice for Congress, first losing badly in a race with Rep. Steve LaTourette and then losing a primary to Rep. Betty Sutton.

Ms. Cafaro was subsequently appointed to the Ohio State Senate seat of Marc Dann.

There was considerable controversy about Cafaro family financial contributions to Dann, and Dann's endorsement of Ms. Cafaro as his successor in the Senate.

After being impeached for misconduct, Dann resigned his post as Ohio's Attorney General amidst a flurry of scandals.

Ms. Cafaro remains in the Ohio State Senate where she is the Minority Leader -- despite the burden of her immunity deal in her father's Traficant bribery case, and her position as President of her father's bankrupted shell company.

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What’s the criteria for granting immunity?

Senate staffers vetting Mearns for a federal judgeship should want to research Mearns' defenses of three scandal-plagued Ohio political heavyweights:

Cleveland's Mr. Big: Jimmy Dimora, and
Youngstown's Mr./Ms. Big: J.J. Cafaro and his daughter Capri Cafaro

*** In the Cafaros' case, there is no indication that J.J. and Capri's immunities had anything to do with their money.

*** There is every indication that J.J. and Capri's immunities and leniencies were related to J.J.'s willingness to confess to a new, completely unsubstantiated crime, in order:
1) to avoid 18-24 months of jail time for his previously confessed perjury, and
2) to avoid prosecution for the Cafaro Company tax fraud and Torricelli money-scrubbing that were slam-dunk whistle-blown to Morford by J.J. and Capri's former employee, Top-Secret-cleared test pilot Richard Detore.

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What’s the criteria for granting immunity?

1) Atty. Mearn's client J.J. Cafaro received a complete "Get-out-of-jail-free!" card from prosecutor Morford in exchange for suddenly 'remembering' that he gave a secret bribe to Traficant.

2) Former employee Richard Detore testified to Congress he had reported Cafaro Company tax evasion to prosecutor Morford.

3) Detore also told Congress that Morford pressured him relentlessly 1) to lie in support of J.J.'s bribery claim, and 2) to drop his civil suit against J.J., (who owed him $1.8 million).

4) Detore refused to lie.

5) J.J. then 'remembered' that his fired employee Detore was in fact the mastermind of the bribery attempt, and Morford indicted Detore.

6) A Cleveland jury didn't believe J.J. and Capri Cafaro -- Detore was quickly and unanimously acquitted.

7) Detore therefore kept his top security clearances, but J.J. and Capri's legal game-playing have kept Detore's life-saving landing technology off the market -- costing jobs in Youngstown, and lives at airports nationwide.

8) C-SPAN sometimes has server connection problems, but you can now watch the critical Detore testimony online. > Video Library > Search > "traficant detore"

Here's a direct link:

9) J.J. and his brother Tony were subsequently caught in a blatant lie during a Fairfax County civil court battle with Detore -- claiming that J.J. was not a VP of the Cafaro Company.

10) The judge who sanctioned J.J. and Tony for lying, was Jane Roush who later became famous for her excellent handling of the DC 'sniper' case.

11) Judge Roush was reportedly not as amused as J.J., when he reportedly laughed and threw up his hands saying, "OK, you got me!" when he was caught in yet another lie.

12) So Youngstown, who do you believe?

Serial perjurers J.J. and Capri Cafaro?

Or patent-holding Top-Secret-cleared test pilot Richard Detore, and your former Congressman James Traficant?

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