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IVL353 (anonymous) says...

your a real ass clown no what you talking about before u speak all though u did name yourself the retarded chicken that says a lot about your character no homo Ive been reading the comments on this article about my club I'm in the mother-chapter in Detroit MI. (NATIONWIDE) that's right.But anyway if u had read the article it stated the bros had driving suspensions f**king traffic violations oh oh that makes the big bad idiot Ni**er bikers hell yeah u and paulb(itch) racist don't no what yall talking bout u don't no sh*t about that club or the people in it.did u ever think maybe the guy with the probation violation may been with this club to stay out of trouble off the streets eating all the slow,retarded chicken he could get his teeth into u lames come on humor me some If u seen one in jail or on the streets u would say sh**t put yo tail between your legs( Paulb probably piss himself )and get the f**k out the way.Next when y'all ladies r out past dark and u wondering where she at why she answering her phone I'll make she brings a doggy-bag home cause she bent f**king wit dem dam dog check 4 the dog paws on her back pimpin lol arrrrrf!!!!!!!!

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kardinal_ace (anonymous) says...

You want my son Marko dead huh? What did you think that just because he's a Black kid he doesn't have a dad who cares about him? Why don't you try to kill me instead? I've dealt with your kind in Ohio,KKKowards...

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kardinal_ace (anonymous) says...


The victim of a drive-by shooting in Warren Wednesday is now behind bars.

D’Marko Harper was released from Forum Health Trumbull

Memorial Hospital on Friday after being shot in the chest in the parking lot of Rocky’s AM-PM.

Harper was wanted for failure to appear in court in November on a burglary charge.

No one has been arrested in his shooting

THAT is MARKO! If he has done a crime then yes by all means he should take his punishment. But being shot in the head is a little extreme. You act as if I am some father who thinks his kids can do no wrong. I've NEVER said that. As for the KKKoward comment,lol! You REALLY are from 'Bama. I haven't lived in OH for quite some time. And in my travels in the service or home in Queens there's one thing I have found out. I have found that you don't need to be White to be a racist or bigot. You can be ANY color! When I say KKKoward I refer to the ANONYMITY of the hoods they wear. Just like the anonymity of the internet allows you to be "brave". But let me guess,if we were face to face you'd say the same crap right? I know...

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kardinal_ace (anonymous) says...

Dude,please.... First you need a new game plan. Maybe you need to get out of Ohio. And if you are so "American" why didn't you take my place in the service,dumbass. Second once again you're talking out of your ass. Like I said you my friend need a NEW game plan. So please show me ONE article where the NAACP has "lynched" someone? You dare to call me "semi-literate" yet ignorance flows from your mouth like crap from a chicken. I NEVER "justified" anything my son has done. And you can't prove otherwise. I have NEVER claimed you or your ancestors have had "slaves" or owes me anything. You don't owe me crap because I have a job and work for everything I have. I have said once again if my son has done a crime then he needs to pay for it. Period. Like I said you seem to want to try to paint me as some "ghetto dwelling Jerry Springer watching,n-word hurling,baby momma having wannabe thug". Sorry guy. No baby mommas here. Got ONE ex-wife and one current wife of 16 years my man. Sorry. Street thug? Nope. College education and military veteran. "Blame the white man",not here son. I WORK. MY WIFE WORKS.Like I said you need to either see a little more of the world or grow up some more. Because attempting to jam words in my mouth that I OBVIOUSLY didn't say(making excuses for my son if he has committed a crime,and the NAACP "lynching" people,and I could have sworn I said racists come in all colors) is only serving to make you look silly. Because I never said any of those things and don't feel like that at all. Still to the guy who wear their pants have way down their butts. You can outsmart them,all they know is "yo,n-this and n-that",not me guy. I'm a grown up and I have a brain.

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kardinal_ace (anonymous) says...

At first I was going to stay above your BS but I have a little time to kill so I'll come down to your level. You seem to like to paint ALL Black people with this "play the "race card" blame "whitey" bit. And you give your "ethnic make up" like I am supposed to feel "empathy" towards you "Oh this guy "gets it" he's a "minority" he feels my "pain". Or the old "I'm a minority also but I pulled myself up by my "bootstraps". Look dude,racism exists. Not in everything but it does. And by you being part "hispanic"(because it's IMPOSSIBLE to lie on the internet) what is that supposed to mean? I've been to Central and South America and Mexico and Cuba(Gitmo) and if it's so great why the hell are Latinos leaving their "homelands" like rats off a sinking ship? Lol! You like to paint Blacks with stereotypes so let me ask: If "Aztlan" is so great why the hell are Mexicans here? Why are illegals being blamed for everything under the sun. Since it's not racism it must be true. Lol! Sponging off hardworking Americans like myself. Marching for "rights" please. I'm done. I've seen all the posts you've left all over the place. If it wasn't for the internet you wouldn't have an outlet for that little smart mouth you seem to have,lol! 'Cause I know you're not running around Warren talking like that. And for sure not Youngstown,ESPECIALLY the south side. Sad.... Maybe we'll meet one day.

February 4, 2011 at 6:46 p.m. reply suggest removal



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