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MetroParks board tables measure to strip park director of some authority

Poor Jordyn! There was a lot to report from this meeting, including some items she did not have space to mention.

Lee Frey presented a motion to have the Park treasurer report to the Board independently of the Director. That would make Mill Creek Park operate more like city governments, school districts, and just about any public entity I can think of.

Both this motion and the one by Shipka visibly angered Aaron Young.

Also see WKBN's report and video of the exchange between Bill Adams and Aaron Young. After being asked questions by Adams, Young admitted that the "Capital Improvements Plan 2017" was nothing but a rough draft of ideas that changes monthly. Unforturnately that has been the document that observers have been directed to when questioning firings, etc.

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Failure of feds to finance Y’town plan is outrageous

I actually would like to see the city administration focus more on water quality, and the combined sanitary sewer situation. That seems quite low on their list of priorities.

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New poll: Portman extends lead over Strickland in Senate race

Portman is a disappointing do nothing. Don't get me wrong. His wife is lovely and they have a lovely home in an exclusive neighborhood of Cincinnati, close to the exclusive neighborhood in which he grew up. He flies to Washington for senate votes, and votes down the line as leader Mitch McConnell tells him. With one exception, after Portman's son came out, Portman supported gay marriage. But that was because of personal benefit to his family. It's a nice life. He has plenty of time off, which he spends kayaking, biking, and other recreation. But representing us? us? Not so much. He is a Bush friend, and got plum assignments in their administrations, which made me think he knew something. I can admit when I am wrong.
Strickland was an honorable governor, who tried to improve our children's education. But when Kasich got swept in with the Bush crash of the economy, the first thing Kasich did was throw away all of the Strickland administration research and take us back to Taft dismal education policy.

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Parents, students share what they like or don’t about city schools

Kudos to the families that showed up. It was a short notice meeting. The first I heard of it was over the weekend in The Vindicator.

Now, the district does have a phone notification system for snow emergencies, etc. I wonder if they used it?

As for all the negative comments: 1. The fifth grader was more correct than Handyman Dave. Nurse practioners are delivering babies, and taking over more responsibilities.

2. I believe algebra is required for all Ohio high school students. Families throughout Ohio seem unaware of the difference between school district requirements and state requirements.

3. The Democrats in the state legislature stood against this latest change in the district. It is a Republican initiative.

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Ohio charter school sponsors: New evaluations may go too far

ha-ha! I thought you said, "It's time to make all charter schools, schools."

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Ohio charter school sponsors: New evaluations may go too far

That is just a pitiful response to the law. It makes one wonder just how much they were skirting requirements, since all regular public schools do this without a sweat.

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City school district should involve student input

Gee. Mr. Olverson, we are paying you and Mr. Mohip a total of $294,000. in salary, and we still have, to my knowledge, the former superintendent on staff. So the three of you are pulling down $394,000.
And all we had to do is ask the kids what to do? That would have been a lot cheaper!

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Worst chapters ahead for Mill Creek?

Y'Town Parent: I think that Mr. Shipka's check for $1,000.00 should be enough to cover the painting of the sidelines and baselines on the tennis court...and the basketball court.
Why do simple tasks that allow play to continue and don't cost much have to wait a year?

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Y’town school board wastes taxpayer dollars on lawsuit

So you don't see a problem with legislation that enables the CEO (essentially a glorified superintendent) to muffle actions of the school board that would affect his salary? He is making $160,000. to do a job that he cannot do without hiring an assistant at $138,000 while keeping the current superintendent, who makes something like $120,000.
The CEOs salary is already set to go up by $10,000 a year every year of the contract.
And The Vindicator is supposedly worried about spending $120,000. to check the Constitutionality of the mess?

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Y’town school board wastes taxpayer dollars on lawsuit

Jackie Adair might change her stance, as today's paper shows she is learning what it means that Youngstown has a school czar. She has no voice, which makes her and her colleagues on the Youngstown School Board unique among public school boards in Ohio.

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