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5 charged in homicides in Liberty

I don't believe it was over drug dealing... at least that's not what I've been told and I know 3 of the people being charged.

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UPDATE: Mark Aaron Brown offered no final statement

What is wrong with some of you being overjoyed about this? I know one of Mark's daughters and it's been a blessing to be around her for the past 13 years... she is a very sweet and smart girl. It upsets me to see people happy about her loosing her father. Did his death bring back his victims? And to the person saying he should've said he was sorry would that have brought them back either? Everytime someone apologizes during their final statement the victims families don't believe it anyway so why bother. If not for his family and friends I'd say he's better off right now than to be in a world with some of you ignorant people.

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Did cops pull guns on boy?

First off there isn't there a leash law in Youngstown? Second if the mother wasn't on house arrest as shown in the above photo maybe she could have went and gotten her son herself and controlled the dog better.

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