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Pavlik begins treatment for alcohol abuse

You wonder why did this go as long as it has. Because its has been long known that that this young guy has had several bad issues. By friends and family alike. If his trainer and family were really concerned, they would have stepped in long ago. True he has to be the one to come out of denial but believe me their was much they could have done. they seem to be getting the credit for convencing him now. And this question should be asked because when the big money was rolling, no one who should have cared seemed to care that a problem was there.

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Anti-Facebook pastor steps down after past sexual three-way revealed

Please!! Dont blame it on facebook. And who is he to order people to close their accounts or be forced to resign. Tell me thats not overstepping his boundries

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Hundreds stand for Clinton address today in Boardman

Stan and the marxist looking nonsocialist stick to some facts. Your personal hate is showing. Talk about whats important to the people most of us could care less about someones personal life. If your getting the job done that the people elect you for then thats what were looking for. You jokers act like all the problems that we as a country are facing just happened in 24 months. Please! be real this mess has been a very long time coming. So who dropped the ball first? Who had chances to fix the problems we now face first? The same ones that want to come back and try it again. What will be different in just 24 months if they didnt or couldnt make it happen then what will be different now. NOTHING, people dont let your frustration and fears sidetrack us from reality.

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Obama takes latest jobs message to hard-hit Ohio

Hey borylie the white house has been run by republicans an estimated 20 plus out of the last 30 odd yrs where have you been. And that wasn't enough time for them to get it right and fix as you say unemployment, this is not a new problem. What did they fix? And for all you wanna be politicians if you've got the right answers for what will work and what won't why in the hell aren't you guys in office making a difference for the country you claim to love so much. You already know why, armchair quarterbacks always stay seated.

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Hey knucklehead then why did the good pastor confess to anything. If anything STINKS the wind is coming from his direction. Or maybe ones own upper lip.

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Victim's family again pleads for Kenneth Biros' death

Give the family their just. This is way over due, its not like there is some sort of possibility that he may not be guilty. That one is a fact. The state needs to do whats right.

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Pishkur would be paid $9,000 weekly as a Forum Health consultant

Nurses and doctors are not the only ones working at the hospital. And if other departments were not so handcuffed with some of the bad management decisions, the lack of adequate equipment, minimal supplies and such short manpower all the departments could do a lot better job. Not to mention low moral when you've lost all your personal days, a week of vacation, increase in benefit payments and told to buy your own uniforms, mandatory. All this on less than $14.00 an hour and they give someone jet again an outrageous income, does not help things one bit. Same old song, corruption at it's best.

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Sick leave law would kill Ohio

Find a way to deal with abusers, but this is more than needed, i see people working sick every day. I work in a health care facility and for the most part the job is the reason many get sick in the first place. Then when you take a day or two for sick time your still penalized and the day is held against you as an occassion. So even if you have sick time you still cant use it without being penalized and that,s ridiculous

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