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Commission has two finalists for Youngstown schools CEO job

Dear Vindy: ( This was sent to Letter to Editor )

My name is Eric Ungaro, Poland Township Trustee and 26 year Special Education Teacher and Football Coach. I was an applicant for the Youngstown City Schools CEO position. On May 11, 2016 I attended the appointed commission’s community meeting, organized to gather “input” from the parents, students, teachers and various other stakeholders, actually affected by the hire. The commission, absent the head of the commission, conducted an interactive meeting, utilizing Turning Technologies software to gain stakeholder feedback in real time. The commission asked key questions and received great feedback from all those in attendance. Many of the audience responses took very strong positions. One of the more lopsided results included the question of whether or not the future CEO should be from the Mahoning Valley. As you can assume, the overwhelming answers was YES. I, along with many others applicants have roots in the Mahoning Valley. Some, like me, have taught and coached these fine student's. It is apparent that stakeholder feedback did not have any effect on the commissions future proceedings. By no means do I wish to discredit those interviewing, but feel the commission would have better addressed the concerns of the stakeholders by also interviewing qualified candidates that have lived in and have a sense of pride in the Mahoning Valley. From what has transpired, the feedback the commission sought in the meeting seems to be nothing more than window dressing. The public resoundingly voiced their positions and concerns, yet they have fallen on deaf ears.
In closing, I want to be honest. The State Commission and Governor‘s Office is not going to CEO their way out of the present conditions in Youngstown. Professional titles, bar graphs, pie charts and community forums do not address the issues and represent the needs of the community. If the new CEO cannot bring the Valley together, possess a REAL interest in these community children and desire to see the Mahoning Valley and Youngstown City Schools be solid and successful, they will unfortunately fail. At the meeting, I voted that the CEO should be from the Valley, along with most of the community. The state must have missed the results. You have to be from the area to understand us. Only when you can understand, can you begin to rebuild.

Thank You
Eric C. Ungaro

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Judge James C. Evans dies at 72

One of the very few men I looked up to in public office. You will be missed.

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Superintendent readies for two jobs

Ron will do a great job!

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Iarussi takes on double duty as education leader in Mahoning County

Ron is one of the best around ... He will do great!!!

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Judge Evans: 'Everybody knew' he was retiring

One of the few individuals I respect in Public Office. No one will ever replace him. The new meeting spot is Perkins and Sunrise.... I am sure the guys would love to see you.
Good luck in all you do.

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Campbell chief commends officer

Someone on here said the key word
"Doing his job"
That is what Chief ROZ has brought to Campbell
Not a media hound....just letting everyone know
The police force is doing their job.
He and the Police dept. should be commended.

Good job Chief and force!

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YSU president search plan to get underway soon

Paul McFadden

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Ryan, other leaders pen support for Tressel's YSU candidacy

I do not think anyone would oppose Coach Tressel as a top notch - number one draft choice....but I believe a person who is just as solid is right on campus. Paul McFadden would be my number one no means any disrespect to coach...just my opinion. Can't go wrong with either one in my eyes.
Eric C Ungaro

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A political bloodbath this year? Hardly

Dear Vindicator:

My name is Eric C. Ungaro and I am the son of former Mayor Patrick J. Ungaro. I am also proud of my father’s reputation as well as the rest of my immediate family.
I am writing to address a few issues that I had with Mr. DeSouza’s January 13th editorial regarding the Commissioner’s race and the Oak Hill situation.

1. My opponent is not seeking a third term. He is in his first term.
2. The fact that I have never held public office is a true statement. My opponent, as well as another sitting commissioner, never held an elected office prior to being elected. It is obvious that the public does not mind people without elected office experience making decisions about their tax dollars.
3. I also have a positive reputation in the teaching field working with Special Education students as well as coaching young men on the football field for over 18 years. While maintaining these important responsibilities, as well as raising a family, I have been working hard for a year to reach this goal of becoming a County Commissioner.
5. Finally to answer Mr. DeSouza’s question on, “Why the owners of the McGuffy plaza did not recruit a challenger for my race,” it is because the owners won the law suit! They were paid a million dollars to get out of a lease that has not been signed for eight years. Does that sound like it was done in the best interest of the county taxpayers?

In closing I want to say I have the utmost respect for all the writers at the vindicator, especially Mr. DeSouza. I think the county is tired of tough guy politicians that engage in personal wars with taxpayers’ money - As far as a race with substance? The voting public will decide that issue on March 4th.

Eric C. Ungaro

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