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Kasich gets bill ending 'vicious' pit bull label

Right...because it has everything to do with the breed and nothing to do with how the dogs are raised.

I suppose you also believe that no one should be allowed to carry a gun because they can be used to commit crimes and/or harm people.

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Kasich gets bill ending 'vicious' pit bull label

Jbyrd, you must be the one who is joking. You can't blanket an entire breed as being vicious. If you're going to do that, then we could just as easily say that all humans are murderers, because some humans have become murderers. There is a pit bull sitting just to my left. She is about as vicious as a bunny rabbit and would not hurt anyone. She's never even so much as growled at the cat. However, when I was a kid, I was bitten in the face by a poodle. We'd better label them as vicious.

By the way, people don't get "mulled"; that is something you do to cider. The word you're looking for is "mauled". Also, "than" is used with words like smarter, faster, bigger, better. You wanted "then".

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$700K bond set in case of assault on YSU officer

SamIam, you obviously don't know what you're talking about. YSUPD are fully sworn police officers. They are a police department just like any other. "Who brought a gun to a stop sign infraction?" The POLICE OFFICER who got dragged by a lowlife criminal, that's who. YSUPD handles more than you care to know about. Obviously, the criminals of Youngstown don't detour around the campus.
I'd have to agree with LosersNeverWin... go back to bed.

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Anderson: Top goal must be to meet needs of all students

If you think that you can just roll out of college and be totally prepared for a job in whatever your major was, you're sadly mistaken. A degree gives you a foundation, not experience. And, even then, some students don't even have much of a foundation because they just drifted through college. Not saying that's your case, but it happens a lot. Going to college doesn't necessarily make you truly qualified for a job. It may make you qualified to get a job, but then you have to learn the ropes just like everyone else did.
And instead of being constantly cynical, why not give a person with good intentions a chance? See what she can do. She wants to make YSU (still the lowest tuition in the state) better for the students. Give her the opportunity to do that. When she does do positive things, will you be on here lauding her accomplishments, or will you just save your comments for the downfalls?

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21-year-old victim of Boardman motorcycle collision identified

Ladie777, of course people who were outside heard the bike as it went by. Next time a bike goes by you, pay attention and you will see that they are most often louder going than they are coming. If the majority of the noise came in front of the bike, riders would never hear a damn thing. The driver was inside of a car that was making its own noise, and maybe he had the windows up and the air on high because it was a hot day and his car had been sitting in a parking lot for two hours. Cars are made to block outside noise. Loud pipes don't save lives; cautious and attentive drivers and riders do.

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How exactly does one come to owe $177,900 on a house that has probably never been worth half of that???

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YSU vice president tapped as new president

Don't be so certain that Dr. Anderson does not have new ideas, or that she will be controlled by the board. She is most definitely not a light weight (that made me laugh), and the suggestion that she was the least qualified candidate is comical at best. It never crossed your mind to wonder why one of the other candidates has a contract that was not being renewed, or why a university president would want to go to another university of the same size? University presidents seem to change jobs to move to universities of different sizes, because they are no longer in good favor where they are or because they have a specialty that is specific to the university searching for new leadership. YSU should not be a dumping ground for applicants who need an out from wherever they are now, or applicants who intend to sit pretty until their impending retirement. People who look good on paper are often not always what they seem or claim to be. Dr. Anderson is a strong person and knows the university's strengths and weaknesses. She is not afraid to tell the truth, even if it is not what people want to hear. Unlike Sweet, she does not see herself as being on a different level than everyone else. She mingles with the "commoners." She is a great choice for the campus and everyone on it and is not just a feather in the cap of the administration.

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Man gets 5 years for heroin trafficking

Slinger, you somehow misunderstood what I said, and somehow I think that you are the only one who did not get the point. I didn't say anything about how they are ingested. The fact is that alcohol is consumed. It isn't smoked, snorted or shot up. Alcohol is something that can be ingested in a responsible manner, consumed in a responsible manner, or used in a responsible manner. So, I will ask again...explain how one uses heroin responsibly.

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Man gets 5 years for heroin trafficking

Last time I checked, there were responsible ways to consume alcohol. Please explain to me how one can responsibly use heroin.

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Struthers student returns to school

Teacher1994, how do you know that he is a marijuana user and disruptive student? If you're going to bring up things like that, tell us how you know. Are you a former educator who had this student in class recently?
I'm not really sure why they made such a big deal about creatine. You can get it at any GNC. If he was a "disruptive student", perhaps they were looking for ways to suspend him. I'm not saying that's right, but the fact is that schools tend to keep their eyes on the "disruptive" students. If he had the spotlight on him for bad behavior, that's his fault. However, I can't agree that he should have received a 10-day suspension for a substance that isn't prohibited. It isn't a drug or OTC medication. It occurs naturally in the body and people take it as a workout supplement.

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