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3 shot, one dead, on South Avenue

we've discussed this before haven't we?

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Hagan dust-up at cafe settled

Yeah this actually continues a positive vibe in the local news for the week. Glad to see calmer heads prevailed.

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Assault witness says Hagan was belligerant one

Judge Wapner?

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Lack of money may shut down Youngstown park and rec programs

Great, now everyone can grow dope in Wick Park without worrying about civil servants cutting it down.

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Ohio man fatally wounded while shoveling snow

Yeah I wonder if the Columbus criminals have a spin zone like ours. Surely this guy must've accidentally threw up the wrong gang sign or something that calls for lethal action.

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Hagan hurt in assault in café

probably best just not to respond but that's a BS story photolady. I don't know if it's a journalism trick that you BA journalist sort learn but are Hagan and Hagen that you write about the same person?
I wasn't there but I've been around Hagan in the downtown scene a few times before and he's not a sloppy drunk and is well aware that what he says in public can and will be scrutinized and "MF"ing an old lady just doesn't fit the bill, not likely in public or private cause that's just not Bob Hagan. I can't stand his politics but Bob Hagan is a good man who just lost his Mother a few months ago and would be nothing but gracious in obliging said Mother's request. He actually believes what he's selling politically which is where we part ways but as I said he's a caring concerned citizen with or without the political tag. Sure he gravitates to the camera when one's around but that's no reason to slander the man. Beyond that if he would've had a bit too much, as you suggest, Hagan's wife and daughter wouldn't have him staggering around downtown. Your claim to know one party does not justify posting hearsay regarding another. You're the journalist you should know better. I don't feel this Dorian is being considered a common "hood" as you put it. I'm sure there was a lot of confusion involved and although I've never been to the Lemon Grove itself I'm sure it's loud on weekends as most establishments are. I can't have conversations with people that aren't within a foot of me in several such environments I'm familiar with. I don't know what transpired but it's hot, it's loud and, as performers know, their blood is already pumped.

Now lets take this fallacy and say it had some legs. Now to the point of when it's legally fine to take a swing at someone? You say someone disses mom and that's the line for you. Surprised to hear this from someone with a degree but I presume you're taking the swing knowing you're probably going to ruin some chances of future employment and turn over anything you might legally possess to this guy who's dissing your Mother....wouldn't she be proud. In this case, certainly a member of a "group" that was performing would not be intimidated to feel threatened by a 60 year old man with his wife and daughter that he couldn't have notified the Lemon Grove staff of a problem.

Concerning the comment about the Railroad crossing in Hubbard- Bob has been a CSXT engineer and his railroad doesn't run through Main Street in Hubbard. The former Erie then Conrail and current NS runs through Hubbard and the location your referring to is Tony's at Main Street. Any train blocking a public crossing for over 15 minutes outside of an emergency would be subject to fines. A CSX train being stopped in Hubbard just doesn't make sense. The NS locals in the past used to stop at Tony's but obviously there train was secured in an area other than Main Street crossing.

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Driver crashes into Boardman flower shop tonight

especially all of those's like you expect a car to come at you at any given moment now. All these years and this was Japans final attack plan all along.

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Decision on V&M Star Steel project expected by March

Based on the costs of transportation ever increasing I would. These products overall value while made cheaper in these "other places" will be increased with fuel on it's non-stop rise. If successful OPEC and others trying to pry oil away from the dollar will cause oil to skyrocket. Your Hydrogen fueled Transatlantic Freighter just isn't anywhere in the picture at this time. Ship within the US by Rail/Truck to their plant in Texas or pay the balance of the labor savings in transportation by sea. Cheap dollar should allow global companies to operate on the cheap here like they've been doing for the past 40 years in other less stable areas. It also means we're probably also a less stable area by todays standard but we already get that. Basically if things balance out enough we'll be ok but as you mentioned the EPA and OSHA do create an unbalanced playing field that we refuse to write into all of our trade agreements which we would do if we were serious about the labor safety and environmentalism that we preach. To pass the buck for other countries to go ahead and create products in a manner inconsistent with our "principles" for us to consume while pointing the finger at them for being cheap wretches is twisted at best.

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Woman killed outside South Side church

Trust, God bless you and your family. Don't get upset about the posters here, any story that's discussed beyond 10 comments seems to turn into this daily so I'm sure there's no disrespect intended but rather people habitually arguing their politics. May your family be given the strength to come through this. You have remarkable restraint that I could only hope to have given the circumstances.

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