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Part of North Lima Road to close today

They go back to school with more than a week still left in the month of August?



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Where are the public payrolls?

kurtw wrote: "...isn't it logical that some of that pain- that burden- HAS to be shared by people in the public sector?"

Apparently not. Now shut up and send in your money for their raises, free health care, and guaranteed retirements, or they will remove you from your home - at gunpoint if necessary - and seize your property to sell at sheriff's sale.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to respect them.


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MetroParks board member to propose changes to director’s authority

He should sue to stop them, on the grounds that, by changing his job description, that would violate the terms of the contract he was given.

When his current contract is up, then sure, vote to change the job description, but you're stuck with the contract you signed.


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Speeders: Give us $3M back from traffic cameras

Weren't property taxes found unconstitutional at one point...?


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There are 66 total tax issues on the ballot in Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana counties

Let me guess;

Of the 66 tax issues to be on the ballot, 66 of them propose an INCREASE in taxes, while 0 of them propose a DECREASE in taxes. Am I close?


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There are jobs galore in Ohio

"...employers are having a difficult time finding qualified applicants to work for them."

How many times have I said it? You people simply aren't employable, lol.


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Hillman Avenue house damaged by fire

At $2,000 in damage, you sure it wasn't a total loss?


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Niles fiscal commission hears complaints of “exorbitant” bank fees

Useless, uneducated government employees...what do you expect?


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Mahoning County receives $2.9M in fed funding to remove lead hazards from homes

$17,575 per unit...

Look at the list in the third paragraph of the parasitic government agencies just waiting to divvy up this money.

Woo hoo! Raises across the board!


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