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State Rep. Hagan assaulted at downtown cafe

The lemon grove is a great place for hanging out and has great music. On the other hand, Hagan probably got what he deserved. I am not one for violence but he has a history of being arrogant and running his mouth to people. I want to hear the other side of the story also and what the patrons say about what happened before i make a full conclusion though

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Pavlik ‘ready to roll’ in title bout

Can't wait till Saturday!!!! Beeghly here I come

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Search continues for person responsible for murder

2 Months. Thank you YPD for helping keep the streets clean. Finally we are getting some crime off the streets and in jail were they belong

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Bill proposes to put GPS devices on homeless sex offenders

Why is it that left wing nut cases come up with nutty ideas like this one? If anyone in the ohio house or senate votes yes for this I am telling people to vote no for them in re-election

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Probation-violation hearing set for Tsgaris; case tied to Cronin

Its things like this that give our valley such a bad image. We trust these people to represent us and work for us and they get so greedy. They should be made examples out of all of them!!!!!

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Poland Sav-A-Lot closing

I am a pro union buy but this mess has to stop. Not all workers want a union and why should you picket a guy who does so much for his community. These people should not be allowed to do this anymore. We get your point and we know its not union but we don't care so stop shouting it to the world!!!

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Jeep crashes into home

so true ytownnative. then they would have mad them keep plates on the jeep and relabled it as a motorhome

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V&M project shows why regionalization is difficult

All the subarbs have left Youngstown with nothing. But without them we have nothing. The sooner we all come together for the better of our community, the better off we will all be. Regionalization is best for all of us. No longer are the area's of boardman and poland to have unlimited money. The are hurting just like the rest of us. We need to take down these man made boundaries and let all work together to make this area better

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First Place Bank in Warren robbed; bandit walks away

someone explain to me how the Warren Police screwed this one up?

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Ex-Trumbull official blames job stress for drug problem

Under alot of stress? We all have that from time to time. Thats when we come home and have a beer or two and watch some tv to unwind. Instead lets all do coke and say its from stress so people will relate to us. Please!!!!

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