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Boardman parents outraged after doors to commencement close early

Has it occurred to anyone that the Officers were acting on guidance from someone? What reason would they have for deciding to close the doors at a given time on their own? Maybe someone should seek out answers, correction, factual answers, before running to the media and blaming the PD. A miscommunication has already been acknowledged, and if that is what has been done every year in the past, I think someone got their wires crossed.

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Boardman looks for more wage-freeze contracts with its workers

@biggieshortlegs How much was spent for the Humvee? How much levy money was spent on all of the vehicles you are referring to. Surely you have the numbers?

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Boardman’s pet peeve

Let's make all kinds of comments that have nothing to do with the article. Want the roads paved with the tax levy money? Well you better talk to Mahoning County because the county roads are the ones that aren't being paved (remember all the outrage over Boardman wanting some of the sales tax money back)? Zoning doesn't have anything to do with guns and crime, and the police don't have anything to do with the stupid dog, but don't let that stop your idiotic comments. Lastly, shut down puppy mills, and stop buying dogs. RESCUE.

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Uninsured driver avoids citation

Just for fun, I'd like to see Mr. Rogers research exactly how the financial responsibility law works in Ohio, and whether Lordstown PD can even issue a citation for "not having proof of insurance". Most local agencies can not unless it is city code. He was shown at fault for the crash, which was probably very minor, and was found to have let his insurance lapse. At that point, your only course of action is taking them to court. Or, stay ignorant of the law, don't call that department and ask, and then, write an editorial accusing the officer of being ignorant an racist. Because THAT'S not getting old or anything.

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A strange case of clemency granted by the governor

There are some other facts that were not mentioned above, such as her kids did not live with their grandfather, rather went home each night to the "dangerous Akron" home. Not to mention when she wrote a letter claiming to be a Soldier that was deployed to a combat zone and therefore could not attend hearings with the school board etc... Lying about being a deployed Soldier is enough for me to not have sympathy for her. Kasich certainly was pandering to a couple of different "voter" groups with this decision.

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Stadium-Market crosswalk gets green light

^^^^ The d o u c h e is strong in this one.

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Boardman levy plan advances

This is a renewal of a levy passed in the early 80's. Hence the reason it is 3 mil, and only generating 1.26 million.

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Voters approve Boardman police levy

Unless the vote goes your way, right Apollo? Then 26% would be sufficient. You sir are CLASSIC!

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Levy to be only issue on ballot in Boardman

Doctore and the Township got it right and will help you pack up and move if you like. Or, you and your little friends can crawl back under your rocks and play with eachother until the next election. Bunch of weenies you are.

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Voters approve Boardman police levy

That's why it's not directed at you "ytown". You didn't make it personal, he did.

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